Honda Civic Type R GT

In my experience, every family has a rebel in its ranks, the wacky wayward one who may be a boisterous brother, an unconforming uncle, a shout-out-loud sister or audacious aunty.

Skoda Kodiaq vRS The award winning, highly praised Skoda Kodiaq range of five and seven seater SUVs has a new flagship model. It’s the vRS 240hp biturbo automatic 4x4 model priced at a hefty £42,870, but added options can push that price up even further.

Hyundai Santa FeThe Hyundai Santa Fe has been the bedrock of the brand since launched in 2001, but it’s no dinosaur.

Kia Optima SportswagonFor customers getting bored with their SUV or just plain put off by the ever increasing number of them on roads worldwide, perhaps it’s time to move on to the tried and trusted, more exclusive and traditional large estate.

Honda CR-V HybridBilled by Honda as the world’s best selling SUV with over 9.0-million sales in 150 countries since the first generation model was launch in 1995, the latest generation range was launched towards the end of last year.

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