BMW 3 Series Gran TurismoThe 3 Series is BMW’s best selling model range globally and in the UK where it is the best selling premium brand car.

Kia CarensIt’s has to be one of the deals of the decade, turning £300 into £3,000.

Toyota VersoIn today’s competitive new car market more new models sell more new cars – fact. Keeping a brand’s range of models refreshed and updated is of paramount importance to meet the demands of today’s ‘must-have the latest model’ image conscious customers.

Ford Fiesta ST-2The new Fiesta ST three-door ‘hot hatch’ with its Welsh built 1.6-litre, four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine has a healthy 180bhp power output and more importantly 177lb ft of torque from 1,600rpm and nearly 200bhp and 214lb ft of torque during the 15 second ‘overboost’ acceleration mode.

Peugeot 208 GTi Peugeot has launched its time machine, the 208GTi.

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