Volkswagen E





Six months after launching the all-electric Volkswagen e-up, the e-Golf is entering the UK market.

Ford EcoSport





At long last the UK’s top selling car brand of Ford has a competitor for sales in the fast growing B-segment of the compact SUV or crossover sector of the new car market.

Audi A4 UltraWith consecutive record years of UK sales behind them and with a record first six months of sales this year, Audi looks on course for yet another record year of sales. Much of the increase in demand can be attributed to the increase from 17 to 51 models in 13 years.

Kia Soul





The second generation Kia Soul is no sit-on-the-fence design, it’s a ‘Marmite’ car, and you will either love its styling or not.

BMW X4 Such is the competition in the global new car market to gain an advantage manufacturers are leaving no potential new niche sector unexplored. Niches of niches are now common and the growth in sales of the German premium brands of BMW and Audi are mainly attributed to having more new models in more new market sectors.

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