Mazda 6 Large family C/D segment saloon cars have lost their popularity unless they carry a premium brand name such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

Vauxhall AdamIt’s a corny well used headline but applying a name like ADAM to your must-have city car offering which in these days has to be trendy, funky, fashionable, fully kitted out with options is a bit of a risk for Vauxhall.


Lexus IS 300h new executive sports saloonThe new Lexus IS four door executive compact saloon arrived in the UK in July

Chevrolet Trax New models keep being added to the now trendy, must-have, ‘supermini’ SUV or Crossover segment of the new car market.


Vauxhall MokkaSupermini sized cars, hatchbacks and now SUVs (or crossovers as some call them) is the main selling sector in the new car market as the financial constraints,

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