Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)The 2013 Autosport international show has now finished for another year after the show’s final day on Sunday.

 The last day was opened by former BBC f1 frontman, Jake Humphrey and F1 driver Paul Di Resta.

Other star drivers at the show on Sunday included Sir Jackie Stewart, Alan Mcnish, World Touring car champion Rob Huff, British Touring Car champion Gordon Shedden, and former DTM champion Garry Paffett.

Jake Humphrey felt the show was a good way to say goodbye to the F1 fans;

“With me leaving the BBC F1 team, this has been a bit like the farewell tour for me. It’s been nice to be reminded of the passion and the love that exists for motor racing in this country,”

Paul Di Resta was also pleased to be meeting the fans;

“I think it’s definitely been a great way to start the year, bring everyone involved in the sport together and get everybody in good spirit. Personally, it’s been nice to come and meet the fans of the sport because obviously we fly away pretty soon to do a lot of racing, which means we don’t get a lot of opportunities to see them, other than the British Grand Prix. It gets people motivated for our automotive and motorsport industry, which gives me the job I’m fortunate enough to have.”

Sir Jackie Stewart was pleased to see the display of his cars.

“I’ve never seen so many of the cars I’ve raced all in one place before. It’s an impressive sight.”

Sir Jackie and Alan Mcnish could also be seen in the live action arena show. The exciting show presented by Louise Goodman, Paul Muselle with commentary by Brian Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)Jones, lasted just over an hour. It featured stunts from a Motocross stunt team as well as the ever impressive Terry Grant alongside lots of racing action including everything from Quad Bikes, through Stock cars to Reliant Robins and a display of some British built cars. There was also an appearance from the Swamp thing Monster truck. The Finale involved Terry Grant doing donuts on the roof of the central live action stage!

If you wanted to take part in some live action yourself, the public kart circuit was again in operation, where for a small fee you could race your friends in an arrive and drive session. In the same hall, Caterham were once again operating their experience where you can get driven round a small course, while experiencing some wild drifting and donuts!

Back in the main halls, there were a huge choice of simulators to race on. Or you could have a go on one of several radio controlled car circuits, including the large track set up by the BRCA. (British radio controlled car association)  This saw the launch of a radio controlled Ginetta G50 by R/C model company Mardave. Several well known fromer and current Ginetta drivers had a race over the weekend, including Alice Powell, Zoe Wenham, and Louise Richardson.

Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)There were also Scalextric tracks including one that went straight through the cockpit of a Mini Challenge car! If you wanted to drive a real car yourself, the Go Motorsport stand had the answer. If you visited them, they could give you a ticket to compete in an Auto test contest being held outside next to the car parks.

Then if all this competing had given you the urge to compete for real, then all the UK’s major racing clubs had stands where you could find out about their championships and possibly even buy a car to compete in! Then you could visit a racing gear supplier and immediately pick up all your race wear.

There were even Motorhome suppliers if you wanted to purchase somewhere to stay. Pretty much every aspect of motorracing was present somewhere in the show. There were even some stands promoting other aspects, such as a stand promoting powerboat racing.

With all the visitors now feeling ready for the racing season, there are only a couple of months to go before the first club race meetings start. International motorsport has already got underway with the Dubai 24 hours and Dakar rally taking place during the show. Motorsport never really rests and with the amount going on at the 2013 Autosport show, you can see why!    By Marc Waller

Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)Autosport international show (photo by Marc Waller)

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