thumb gw070319r12017 Mighty Mini champion Alice Hughes and 2016 JSCC champion Katie Milner are teaming up this season to enter the Citroen C1 Challenge, a low cost one make endurance championship featuring the popular Citroen city car.

They currently have backing to enter the first round at Croft on the sixteenth of March but they hope to do the other 2019 rounds. This includes a 24-hour race at Silverstone for which they will need two further team mates to make a team of four drivers. The duo hope to attract two female drivers with budget to join them at Silverstone and are on the look out for Sponsorship partners for the season.

With two of the most exciting female driving talents on the team, they should prove a competitive prospect for the season.

Milner was the first female to win the popular Junior Saloon car championship in 2016 which uses Citroen Saxos and has since gone on to compete for two seasons in the Ginetta GT5 challenge, one of the toughest one make championships in the country. Milner will also be competing in the GT5 challenge again in 2019, hoping to be a championship contender.

Hughes won the Mighty Mini championship in 2017 and took a year out of motorsport in 2018 to build a new business but now she is back. She spoke about her and Milner’s plans;

“Katie and I initially spoke about teaming up together at the Autosport Show 2019 and we thought it'd be a great idea as we're both local to each other and started our racing careers in the same way; In National Autograss.”

“I feel that with our experience in low powered, front wheel drive cars, it will really allow us to both work together and showcase our talent. We're working closely with Racelogic to maximise not just the car, but to also get the best of of each other by trading data. The car has been superbly built by Merlin International [Katie’s family team] and Tom Bell from TBR Racing has supplied us with the engine.”

Alice Hughes in her championship winning season (Photo by Marc Waller) Katie Milner (Photo by Marc Waller)




“Currently we're definitely doing the first round at Croft on March 16th and are looking for Sponsorship Partners and two more female drivers to join us for the Silverstone 24hr Endurance race at the end of April."

The duo can be contacted through their Facebook pages if you are interested in sponsoring the team or driving with them at Silverstone. By Marc Waller

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