Emily and PippaYoungster, Emily Linscott, has been given the opportunity to race in New Jersey with Pippa Mann mentoring her throughout the three days on track.

The teenager, from Basildon, Essex, was awarded a scholarship drive with Pippa in the US as part of the Lucas Oil School of Racing earlier this year, at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway in California, where she impressed the whole team by setting fast laps, great car control and most of all proved she had the whole package that’s needed to make your way in to the higher echelons of the motorsport world.

Linscott recalls, “the Laguna Seca experience with Pippa and the Lucas Race School was amazing and I knew I’d want to do more with hem all but getting back here is a dream come true. Pippa and I have spoken a few times about getting back, but it’s always been a budgetary problem, but with lots of hard word from everyone, we’ve somehow managed to get there. We spoke to Pippa on the way home from a race two weeks ago when she told me the budget was now complete as there were American based businesses who’d shown interest in getting me back. I just cried my eyes out. She said I’d spoken to these people at the California round and they’d liked what they saw and heard so wanted to be part of getting me back in a single seater. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and faith in me.”

Five businesses, including two of Emily’s existing sponsors, have all rallied round to make this opportunity happen. Chris Burnell, MD of CGS Consultants in Berkshire said, “Emily’s a great role model for youngsters wanting to follow their dreams. She’s obviously talented behind the wheel but she also works exceptionally hard for her place on the grid and makes time for her fans at the racetrack and on social media; she’s got it all!” In addition, GoBobbyuk, Leppo Rents, Turfware and Shift Up Now, whom Emily has now become an ambassador for, have all come on board to get this affable teen back in a single seater race car next week.

“The timing couldn’t be better”, said chirpy Linscott, “after my first GT4 race went so well with our first podium in our first race, I now get to go to the USA and get back to racing single seaters, which is where I’m hoping my career will head next season and I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen. I’ve recently started a new business which seems to be getting a lot of interest (more about this another time) so I feel the time is right for me to make the next step up. Empowerment of women in sport and the workplace is a hot topic right now and I’m happy to be playing my part in that empowerment.”

She and her dad fly to America on Friday 12th July and will immediately go to the track for some essential reconnaissance walks as well as having a seat fitting for the new car too. Monday see’s the first practice sessions of the circuit that she’s never seen before with Tuesday and Wednesday full of qualifying and three races.

The sky’s the limit for this young lady racer. Where will her racing career take her next…

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