Giti's AngelsHave you heard of the new team that entered the Nurburgring last year? This all-women team, known as the Giti’s Angels, is the first team to participate with women drivers. Plus, the entire 20-person crew and coach are also women!

This is quite special for a motorsports team, as no group before this ever had a team made up of all women. They have been setting records and taking high places in the competition, not to mention joining the world of digital racing.

This amazing team has been making 2020 a remarkable year in motorsports. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to find out what they have been up to!

2020 Nurburgring Announcement
The Giti Angels were excited to announce that their team from 2019 is returning this year to race in the Nurburgring. With the announcement, they also displayed their car’s new design for 2020. It has a unique yellow and black pattern that suits the Giti look well.

The 24 Hours Race is the most challenging in the world! However, we believe that the Giti Angel’s prior experience will help them see success again in the 2020 race. They did extremely well last year, even after a major setback held them up for several hours.

What is Remarkable About the Team
The Giti’s Angels scored a class win in the final endurance race of 2019. This was after their car had engine problems and needed to be worked on for around 13 hours. Anyone else would have given up, but the Giti’s Angels persevered and made history!

What makes this team so remarkable, is the fact that this is the first all-girls team to compete in motorsports. The drivers are Jasmin Preisig, Carrie Schreiner, and Ronja Assmann- plus, their coach and crew are all women as well. In a male-dominated field, this has never happened before.

The Giti’s Angels have shown their skill and expertise in racing on the most challenging track in the world. The Nurburgring is regarded as being the most difficult race there is, getting into it is no easy task. You need to prove yourself as an exceptionally talented driver

We are expecting another great race from them this year in 2020.

This Remarkable Team’s Impact
The Giti’s Angels are the first all-girls team in motorsports. This is a huge step for women in the field and it is so inspiring to many. Before this, many women never dreamed of entering the Nurburgring- but Giti’s Angels proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Giti's AngelsThey are broadening the horizons of motorsports and making the races more inclusive for women. The Giti’s Angels were the first all-women team to compete, opening up a whole new world of racing for so many girls.

With their many successes, the team is continuing to improve motorsports this year. We cannot wait to see them in action on the Green Hell again! You can be sure that they are going to be difficult to beat.

Last Year’s Performance
Based on last year’s race, we know to expect great things from this strong team that never gives up. They were able to claim a fifth place and three second places at the 2019 24 Hour Nurburgring.

The team displayed their amazing abilities and were able to hold an extremely competitive speed the entire race. They also did well during the season leading up to that point, gaining them a following of inspired fans.

The Highlight of 2019
The highlight of last year is the main reason why we think this year is going to continue to be amazing. Their car took severe engine damage about 30 minutes into the start of the endurance race.

The crew needed to work 13 hours overnight to restore the car back into working condition. This included the complicated process of changing the engine and repairing electrical damages.

After all this work, the car was back on the track. It was a very emotional moment for the team- the crowd was cheering and crying when the Giti’s Angels’ car crossed the finish line. Due to their hard work and tough spirit, many motorsports fans are rooting for them this year.

Their 2020 Esports Debut
This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the race has been put on hold with a digital competition added in. Despite the hardships of this year, the Giti’s Angels are looking forward to continuing to win races.

They have been participating in sim-racing or digital racing. During the Digital Nurburgring Endurance Series, they placed an amazing top ten finish in the first race of this year’s season. Their next race will have the team entering two cars instead of one.

The digital competitions have been giving them a new way to practice their skills and broaden their audience to the esports scene. You can be sure that many fans are going to be watching them in September on the Green Hell.

With esports on the rise, the event attracted a very large audience. 80,000 viewers were able to watch the Giti’s Angels race and leave comments online. While the 2020 24 Hour Nurburgring is still taking place live, it has been postponed and fans are not going to be allowed in the stadium.

However, the event will be streamed. You can feel free to leave positive comments for the drivers and cheer on the Giti’s Angels!

Just like their 2019 debut, the Giti Angels are making 2020 a remarkable experience for everyone involved in motorsports. They have been racing digitally and racking up solid wins, plus, they have been broadening the world of motorsports for women.

Their goal is to show how women can compete alongside men in motorsports racing and their track record shows that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are currently preparing to race in the 2020 24 Hour Nurburgring- we cannot wait to see what they have in store this year!

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