F1 cars - Photo by Mercedes Let’s face it, for many people in terms of perfection, you don’t get much better than waking up on a Sunday, tucking into a cooked breakfast,

Race Driver“We don’t discriminate in sport based on race, so it is particularly jarring that we feel it is acceptable to do so based on gender in 2018.

Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes),Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing) and Charles LECLERC (Ferrari) Photo by FIALewis HAMILTON (Mercedes),Max VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull Racing) and Charles LECLERC (Ferrari)

F1 carEvery year, Formula One fans like to bemoan the long-term viability of the sport, arguing rule changes and regulations are destroying the spectacle.

F1 LogoThe United Kingdom has a long and successful history with the F1. There were many legendary drivers throughout the years that showed exceptional skills during the races.

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