Latest Test Drives

SEAT's popular Arona compact SUV first drive

Seat Arona compact SUVIn the much-troubled year of 2020 new car sales across the globe stalled and even the must-have Crossover/SUV styled vehicles saw their sales flatten.

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Volvo V90 B6 petrol estate first drive

Volvo V90 B6The estate car has been a part of British life for decades. Originally developed to take shooting parties around estates during the grouse and deer culling seasons, they soon found new uses before and after.

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2021 Honda Civic Type R first drive

2021 Honda Civic Type RAlthough the UK production of the Honda Civic family 5-door hatchback range of models, including the hot-shot Type R, ceases in the UK at their Swindon Plant in July 2021,

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