Silverstone: Race Win and Fastest Lap

PorscheSilverstone was the circuit that the second round of the BRSCC Porsche Championship was held at in May this year.

It was the first outing for the pretty red Boxster S after a hold up with some essential equipment preventing Rockingham from being the debut.

In true Motorsport fashion, things did not initially run smoothly. We arrived for the last two test sessions of the day only to discover we had some minor problems whilst out on circuit. These were minor for the Boxster because its clever computer system is able to communicate its ailments, which aids in a speedier recovery. A cylinder down in the 924, the race car for the last two seasons, would have meant chasing wires and such like around the engine bay similar to trying to find your way through a maize, in the dark. The Boxtser’s ECU however correctly identified the problematic site and the race mechanic was able to rectify in no time at all. Two test sessions on only 5 cylinders and no track days or test days meant the weekend began with a typical Rebecca-Racer-Dive-in-at-the-Deep-End usual approach. What could possibly go wrong?

The weather went wrong for some. It rained, not just a little, it was torrential. This was not something that concerned me though as I love the rain. This was especially so after a 3 podium finish including a win at soaking wet Snetterton last season, beating my competitor Alistair Kirkham, a seasoned Porsche racer who won the Championship and can certainly ‘pedal’ as we say in the sport.

This was good news for our team then, especially after qualifying a little off the pace. The lights went out and the race began! After a tentative start in the supremely slippery conditions I held my place. Boxsters and 924’s were spinning off the circuit left right and centre falling victim to the ice-like surface. I knew what to do and remained cool as a cucumber, not words I would use to describe my excitable nature off circuit! Every time I went to pass first place car, Julian, I saw the marshals waiving yellow flags, I knew that if I was within the zone of these warnings of danger I would have my position taken away, so I could not risk it until being well within a green or no flag zone. To add to my difficulties a Safety Car came out – SC board to indicate to drivers of its intervention of the race.

After the debris and racecars had been removed and it was safe to resume racing, I took the opportunity to overtake two full race spec Boxsters and first place runner, Julian. I did this on the outside of Copse in my favourite racing weather – the pouring rain! In my rear view mirror I saw Julian spin off, this took the pressure off me slightly and I could see he had not damaged his car, which was good. In fact he impressively managed to point the car in the right direction after his ballet style pirouette.

Cheap Couriers UK, my latest sponsors were there to witness the action and cheered on from the side-line.

The rest of the race was spent maintaining first place and a happy feeling as I drove down the pit straight with my team looking on delighted in their efforts to provide the tool to run in P1 (Position 1). When the chequered flag was waived I let out a little yelp of delight as the first outing had resulted in a class race win – a dream result!

Once we were all stopped in Parc Ferme, I ran over my team, double high fived them all and shouted “and that’s how we go racing!”. A win and fastest lap was a well-deserved outcome after months preparing and building Project Le Mans, securing parts and some sponsorship to make that move from 924 to Boxster and start the four-year plan to compete at the most prestigious endurance race in the world.

Thank you to my team and for the Porsche Drivers Association for showing genuine enthusiasm and support to all their drivers and Project Le Mans. Lifeline, Corbeau Seats and Redline Oils also did wonders to ensure this could happen. By Rebecca jackson

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