Triple Success at Zandvoort for Rebecca

Rebecca JacksonThe 8th and 9th of June 2013 saw Euro Fest race weekend at Zandvoort, Holland.

Cars racing included Caterhams, Golf GTI’s, Group 6 style sports cars and the BRSCC Porsche Championship of which I was competing in.

After a successful outing at Silverstone with a win and fastest lap, the team were hoping for the same if not more success. Friday’s testing was a chance to learn the circuit and get the Boxster and driver comfortable with the two-minute long track. Another of my competitors, Bernie, sadly had an accident in his second test session resulting in a trip to the local hospital to be checked for spinal injuries. Thankfully, due to the level of safety equipment fitted to these cars including one of the best roll cages in the industry by Custom Cages, Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems – mine is fitted with 7 nozzles should I be unlucky enough to be in a situation to need it – as well as the same seat as Jason Plato in BTCC by Corbeau Seats with strong wrap around ears and bolsters complete with heavy duty Luke harnesses, it’s actually quite difficult to hurt yourself in a small race car ding! A good crash helmet and HANS device to prevent whiplash style injuries keeps me safe enough for my Mother to be able to watch my racing!

On the Saturday, there was one race and qualifying accompanied by beautiful sunshine. Despite being a rain queen, the sun is better for an enjoyable weekend because you can push the car harder, spectators do not get soaked and the team are not having to work on a wet car! Therefore spirits were high in the paddock as everyone appreciated a warmer climate.

Qualifying could have been better, however without wishing to feel despondent, lap times were one thing; race craft was another and without being too far off the pace it was essential to make that up in the race. In Race 1, I kept the pressure on P1 in the hope that an error would allow me to drive home another victory. Thankfully, in the final lap this is exactly what happened, Turn 3 got the better of his entry speed and unfortunately Julian damaged his Boxster when he left the circuit. The result was finishing 8th out of 21 competitors and 1st in class; the team were delighted that several full race spec cars were amongst those that were behind us.

Going in to Race 2 on Sunday, I started in pole position in class and felt confident. They mixed the grids up with the 924’s and several full race spec Boxsters behind due to their DNF’s in Race 1. A good start helped to maintain position and finish in 1st place in class several seconds ahead of P2.

Race 3 was a reverse grid format, which meant the person who finished 1st in class would start at the back. Therefore despite a good start and overtaking Bernie – who thankfully was okay after his checks and returned to race with us – I was not able to secure a hat trick this time! I finished 2nd and got fastest lap.

There was certainly cause for celebration as we left Holland with two 1st place trophies and a fastest lap in class for the entire weekend.

The next race is at Snetterton – a strong circuit of mine that saw a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a three-race format last year in the 924. The dates of that weekend are 13th and 14th July.


By Rebecca jackson

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