Kahn Aston Martin DB9 Touchtronic Auto 5.9 – Signature edition

Kahn Aston Martin DB9It’s hard to resist the allure of the Kahn Aston Martin DB9, especially one so beautiful.

The centre of focus defines what an Aston Martin should be, offering an experience unmatched for versatility and all-round appeal.

Visually, it’s remarkable how pure the car still looks given the augmented DB9, adorned in meteorite silver is adorned with a range of exclusive upgrades, which include a front intake surround, rear apron and brake calipers in Silverstone grey.

Riding on 9×21” (front) & 10.5×21 (rear) RS-XF wheels in silver platinum, the ride is just as fluid and luxurious as the car’s looks.

Kahn Aston Martin DB9Kahn Aston Martin DB9The V12 engine is at the heart of the car’s appeal, pumping out 450bhp and with instant grunt from low revs. Inside, the Volante has a hand-crafted feel that is entirely in keeping with the Aston Martin philosophy.

Inside is the ‘bespoke touch’, and the Kahn Aston Martin DB9 scores profoundly with Obsidian black leather sports seats (diamond quilted), Piano black facia and much more!

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