First Driving Lesson Tips

Learner DriverLearning to drive is a rite of passage that can lead to many new opportunities.

But taking that first step into the world of driving can be extremely daunting. There are several things to consider that will make your first and subsequent lessons, a much more enjoyable experience.


The instructor

Before you book a lesson, make sure you have an instructor with the right qualifications. Contact a reputable school or, better still, ask your friends and family for recommendations. If they’ve had a good experience with an instructor, there’s a better chance that you will too. When you make your first appointment, ask the instructor any questions you have that relate to the first lesson; he or she will be happy to answer them. Anything that makes you feel more prepared will make their job easier. While you are having your lesson, remember that you must listen to the instructor, trust them and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, it is far better to ask for it to be repeated than to worry that you might be doing the wrong thing.

Before the lesson

Try to wear something comfortable, since you don’t want anything to distract you from learning this complicated new skill. Flat shoes are much more practical than heels, although some people discover that they are more comfortable in bare feet and, if you find that this is the case for you, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. If you need glasses to see distances, make sure you have them with you; your instructor will test your eyesight before the lesson by asking you to read a car number plate. Make sure you bring both parts of your licence with you as you must show the photo card and the paper supplement to the instructor before the lesson can take place, as his learner driver insurance will be void if your licence is invalid.

During the lesson

Listen carefully and try to relax. Your instructor will explain what all the controls do before you will be expected to use any of them. When you take the driving seat, you will have to adjust it to suit your physique. Don’t worry if this takes a while the first few times; it’s important that you are in the correct position when you drive, for both comfort and safety. You will also have to position your mirrors correctly but your instructor will tell you how to make all necessary Learner Plates adjustments. Don’t rush when you try out the actions you have been shown as you are more likely to make a mistake if you do. Sometimes, when people are concentrating, they forget to breathe, which prevents them from maintaining their concentration, so try to breathe steadily and it will help you to relax. You must remember that everybody makes mistakes when they are learning something new. Every driver who has a full licence now was, at some point, a beginner, just like you. If people seem impatient with you on the road, ignore them and stay calm; they should know better and it’s not your fault that they don’t.

Once you have finished your lesson, you may find that you can hardly remember anything that happened, but if you can, go over it in your mind and it will help you to retain more of the information for when you have your next lesson. Last of all, remember – even if the first lesson wasn’t great, you’ll get there eventually and it will be worth all the effort.


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