2013 Production Boxster Champion!

Rebecca Jackson Donington Park saw the last round of the season, where Rebecca and her team fought for another trophy.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though because a problem meant all hands were on deck for the hours preceding race 1 to ensure the car could go out and battle. Thankfully, the mechanics from Quinntech Motorsport and a borrowed part from TF Motorsport meant Rebecca could go out and race. She won, which made the hard work all worth while.

Unfortunately the change in weather conditions resulted in a tyre pressure miscalculation and the tyres were off by two thirds of race 2. However the team came home with one 1st place, two 2nds, some more glassware and a Championship win put Rebecca’s name in an elite group of women who have won their Championships. Keep an eye on her plans for next year as she reaches Year 2 of the 4 Year Plan!  By Rebecca Jackson

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