Honda Vezel Hybrid heads for the showrooms

Honda Vezel HybridHonda will begin sales of the Vezel on the 20th Decemeber 2013,

a new vehicle that brings together the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe and the functionality of a minivan, and will deliver excellent fuel economy. A 4WD option will be available for both hybrid and petrol variants.

The exterior form of the Vezel fuses together SUV-like stability and coupe-like styling to create an emotional design. On the inside there is a high quality feel with coupe-like personal space for the front seats and, thanks to Honda’s original centre-tank layout, this model benefits from the brand’s ‘magic seats’, as well as a large cargo space beyond what people might expect from the compact exterior form. In fact, the cargo space can hold three regular golf bags while using the rear seats, thanks to its 453 litre*1 capacity.

Honda Vezel HybridHonda Vezel HybridHonda Vezel HybridThe hybrid variant will be equipped with SPORT HYBRID i-DCD*2, Honda’s next-generation Hybrid System that combines a 1.5 litre direct injection engine with a high-output motor to deliver overwhelming high power that is equivalent to that of the 2.0 litre engine*3 and an exhilarating driving feeling. In terms of environmental performance, it’s expected to have the highest fuel economy in its class in Japan. Moreover, the Vezel hybrid variant will be the first among all Honda hybrid models to be equipped with Honda’s original Real Time All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), which controls torque distribution to the front and rear wheels more precisely through electronic control.

In addition, for smart operation, all Vezel variants feature advanced technologies and functions normally associated with high-end models, such as an Electric Parking Brake and Automatic Brake Hold, as standard equipment. Furthermore, high-performance soundproofing materials and dampers, which are typically used for high-end saloon models, are adopted to achieve outstanding quietness and driving stability.

This model is due to be launched in Europe in 2015, so details on specifications, engine options and naming of the model is still to be confirmed for the European market.

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