A quick chat with a quick driver! Charlotte Burridge

Charlotte Burridge (photo by Marc Waller)Top female racing driver Charlotte Burridge had her best season yet in car racing last year when she raced in the Lotus Cup Europe, an official FIA Championship.

This came on top of a great season in the Lotus Cup UK in 2012. She is clearly a racing driver progressing fast in her career and we thought we’d catch up with her before her season begins for 2014.

GR: You had your best season yet in car racing last season can you tell us about it?
Charlotte: I had such a great year this year! I knew going out to Europe would be my hardest challenge yet due to my budget and time my test plan was very limited meaning I could only learn the track the day before in two sessions usually, but I am really glad that we made the jump. I managed to finish every round on the podium and secure double pole position and a win at Brands Hatch. To say I have finished 3rd overall in a FIA Championship is a big achievement and something I am very proud of.

GR: What made you move to racing in Europe last season?
Charlotte Burridge (photo by Marc Waller)Charlotte: The decision to move to Europe was made quite last minute, we decided along with my sponsors that going out to Europe would be the best decision after having such a successful year in Lotus Cup UK in 2012 were I finished 4th overall.

GR: Can you tell us about your plans for the 2014 season?
Charlotte: At the moment I can’t say yet what my plans are as we are yet to finalise them completely, but I can say I will be taking a step up which I am very excited about!
GR: Okay, we’ll have to catch up with you again in a couple of weeks! You’ve recently been recognised by the BWRDC being nominated for and receiving awards. Can you tell us about those?
Charlotte: I joined the BWRDC at the start of 2013, I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Elite Gold Star Award which was a huge honour, unfortunately I didn’t win but I am really honoured I was even nominated! I also won the Best Newcomer Awards and The Gabriel Koenig award for Outstanding International Achievement in 2013. For my first year in the club I couldn’t of asked for anything more and I am really proud to be a member.

GR: If everything continues to go to plan with your current plan, where do you think you’ll head next?
Charlotte: My aim and dream is to break out into GT racing especially in Europe, the way things are going at the moment I hope that the momentum will continue and I’ll be able to reach my goals.

GR:A hypothetical situation now; If someone approached you with an unlimited amount of sponsorship money, where would you choose to race?
Charlotte: DTM! I have always loved DTM it is a complete dream of mine but also Le Mans 24 hour would be amazing too!

GR: Some people assume it should be easier for a female driver to get sponsorship because you are more marketable. Is this true?
Charlotte: Being a female has its plus sides and it is more marketable if used in the correct manner. For me and I know for my current sponsors The James Taylor Group when it comes down to the racing its irrelevant that I am a female I am there to do the job and do it well.

GR: Well you’ve certainly been doing that! What’s been the best moment of your racing career so far?
Charlotte: That is a really hard question to answer I have had so many great moments especially in the last year. I must say racing alongside Martin Donnelly in the Brands Hatch 6 hour was a great moment especially finishing on the podium as it was a very hard race and a lot of things were against us.

Track action (photo by Marc Waller)Track action (photo by Marc Waller)Track action (photo by Marc Waller)GR: Okay as you can’t tell us exactly where you’ll be racing can you say about your aims for your 2014 season?
Charlotte: 2014 I want to continue the momentum from 2013 and overall win the Championship I will be racing in.

GR:Thanks Charlotte

We’ll be doing a follow up interview with Charlotte in a few weeks once her plans for 2014 have been announced.     By Marc Waller


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