New S-Class coupe: An aesthetic, exclusive high-end coupe

Mercedes S-Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz is widely recognised for engineering luxurious vehicles. The new Mercedes S-Class Coupe maintains that rich tradition with its sleek appearance and modern technology.

In fact, the latest version of the classic yet sporty coupe, which replaced the CL, includes new options that were not available in earlier models. S-Class Coupe consumers can now choose features such as expressive headlamps, which boasts 47 Swarovski crystals, as well as the novel Magic Body Control suspenesion. Let’s explore some of this innovative features.

Magic Body Control
The S-Class Magic Body Control is described as the first suspension with eyes. The curve tilting feature allows the vehicle to detect any unevenness in the road. The body will lean according to the detected unevenness, much like a skier or motorcyclist, making the drive much smoother. The road conditions are detected by the Road Surface Scan.

Intelligent Drive
As with the new Mercedes S-Class Saloon for sale, the Coupe is designed with new driving assistance features such as Pre-Safe Brake, which detects nearby pedestrians. This feature clearly shows that Mercedes-Benz cares about safety of everyone, not just its drivers. Additionally, the S-Class Coupe includes:

• Distronic Plus with Steer Assist
• Stop and Go Pilot
• BAS Plus with junction assist
• Active Lane Keeping Assist
• Adaptive High-Beam Assist Plus
• Night View Assist
• Collision Prevention Assist Plus

The Collision Prevention Assist includes an adaptive brake assist that protects collisions from 7 kilometres per hour. The feature protects the driver if they do not respond to a potential collision in time. The self-directed braking assist kicks in for speeds as high as 200 kilometres per hour, thus decreasing the impact of a collision.

Luxurious and Comfortable
The S-Class Coupe not only boasts high quality safety feature, but it consists of comfortable features such as the Air-Balance package, which fragrances the interior with pleasant aromas. The Warmth Comfort package has a heating component for the arm rest, which comes in handy during the cooler months. The Seat Comfort package allows front seat passengers the option to utilise its energising massage feature making a long trip more gratifying.

In addition to the luxurious and comfortable features, drivers can enjoy their favourite music thanks to the high-end Burmester surround sound and the Burmester High-End three-dimensional surround system.

Luxurious Exterior
The appearance of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe is both classy and modern. It is highlighted by its traditional rear-wheel drive proportions and iconic Mercedes dropping line. Additionally, the exterior Mercedes S-Class Coupe Mercedes S-Class Coupe includes attractive characteristics such as the distinct bonnet with well-defined power domes and lines, appropriately high beltline, and its heightened wheel arches with its sizable 18 to 20-inch wheels. The S-Class Coupe is the perfect size, as it measures 5,027 millimetres long and 1,899 millimetres wide with a wheelbase of 2,945 millimetres.

The entire vehicle is perfectly sculpted, making its appearance the epitome of elegance. The sides of the S-Class features the signature dropping line, which maintains the classy personality of the coupe.

It includes the 3-dimension diamond radiator grill which is structurally defined with chrome-plated elements. It also incorporates a Louvre and a centered Mercedes 3-pointed star. The coupe has a distinctive appearance with its full-LED headlights, iconic eyebrows and refined semi-circular counter curves. Along with the 47 Swarovski crystals on the headlamp, it also uses 17 angular crystals and 30 round crystals for the turn indicators lights.

Divine Interior
Its interior design is a display of the unique Mercedes-Benz style of sensual purity. The colours, which include porcelain, saddle brown and Bengal red give the interior and individualistic sensation. The wellness feature is assured by the standard lighting with up to seven lighting options.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe S-Class coupe also has a head-up display which allows important information to be accessed by the driver. The information is displayed on the widescreen, hence this limits driver distraction. The information displays the speed limits, driving support messages, the vehicle’s speed, and direction instructions.

Information System
The information system is supported by an up-front optics system and a completely coloured display module with a 480 by 240 pixels resolution and operational high-power LEDs. All these work together to display the information virtually. The high resolution gives the information a sharp appearance. Exterior light interference is also remedied by a light sensor that adjusts the brightness automatically.

The exhaust system of the S-Class Coupe produces an emotive sound giving drivers a sporty experience. The system is made up of deep components making it produce a sportier sound. It also has a rear silencer with 2 flaps that can open and close depending on the speed of the engine. When the flaps open the sound is produced in a more powerful manner. Actually, these flaps open earlier than those in predecessor models. The power of the sound is usually heard as soon as the engine starts.

Clearly, Mercedes-Benz continued their longstanding tradition of stylish yet safe vehicles with the new S-Class Coupe. The innovation behind this product is sure at attract many luxury vehicle enthusiasts when it hits showroom floors at the L&L Automotive in the summer of 2014.

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