Project Le Mans – Year 2; season opener

Rebecca JacksonLe Mans 24 hour is arguably the most prestigious 24-hour endurance race in the world and it is my dream to race in it.

In order to fulfil that dream, a four-year plan, launched at the 2013 Autosport International, was engineered with essential steps to get there. After podium success in the Porsche 924, last year saw me secure the BRSCC Production Boxster Championship.

This year, the same team – Quinntech Racing – are running me with the mutual aim of more success and importantly essential practice with longer stints. Previously to this year I have been competing in sprint racing, however part of the plan is to learn how to race for longer periods. The perfect platform to do this on is the 750 Motor Club’s Cartek Roadsports Endurance Series. Well kept smart looking sports cars from classic Porsches to modern day Toyota GT86’s and Mercedes SLK’s are welcome. It is a competitive Series with established racers including Le Mans racer Martin Short.

Rebecca JacksonRebecca JacksonIn preparation the car and myself needed some work. Starting with the car, Quantum Racing Shocks were fitted to dramatically improve the handling over the production version, BTB made a bespoke exhaust to enable the newly rebuilt JMG Porsche engine to breathe, with the assistance of the ITG custom intake. HiSpec Motorsport have developed a powerful caliper and disc combination that the team are eager to fit as soon as they take delivery of the Team Dynamics alloys. This will also open up the door for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres, for some serious stick around the twists and turns of the top circuits that the 750 Motor Club takes this Series to.

Winter training enabled an increased level of fitness – to suit the longer races. Three hour long Aerobic stints of dancing, 10km on the cross trainer and copious amounts of Body Balance for core strength and stability were all practised to ensure 45 minutes did not feel as tiring as could be without the same level of health. It made a difference because it was something I feared, however after stepping out of the car in Parc Ferme on 29th March for the season opener, fatigue was not rife!

Rebecca JacksonLogoThe car, now called the ‘Turtle Porsche’ due to its attractive new livery and Turtle Wax involvement was a real pleasure to drive. The turn-in was much sharper and it sounded beautiful as it revved down the pit straight accelerating past the Quinntech Racing mechanics. Many competitors opt for two drivers with one car or two drivers with two cars. Few do what I have chosen to do, which is run the entire race as a one driver one car set up.

Qualifying saw some issues including loss of power steering and problems with the gear selector. This did not deter the team though and it was fixed in time for the race! Despite a rough qualifying we managed to start in 4th place, which we quickly converted to 3rd and seemed to be running quite comfortably there for most of the race. The mandatory pit stop and 60 second wait was exactly what I needed because a Toyota MR2 had splashed oil all over my windscreen, I could not turn the wipers on as it would render the already handicapped view non existent. Thankfully one of the team cleaned the windscreen just in time for the end of the 60 seconds and we were out again! We maintained our 3rd place until the final lap where we were overtaken by P4 resulting in us taking his position. It was a strong result, however the team are focused on securing a podium on the next outing. A few changes in the workshop should help to achieve this.

To find out more about what the 750 Motor Club offers in terms of racing visit the website here: By Rebecca Jackson

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