Buying Your First Car: Tips For Young Drivers

Passed signWho needs a ticket to ride? Getting your own wheels is a much smarter choice.

You have done the hard work and passed the all-important driving test. The license is there, burning a hole in your wallet or purse, begging to be put to good use. Being able to prove your age in bars is one positive but the real benefits won’t be felt until you get your first set of wheels.

Your first car is your true ticket to freedom. You can drive anyway and anywhere you want. You could be getting away from your parents, looking to explore the confines of our modest island of Great Britain or simply heading to work without having to catch a lift from anyone.

Before you let the romanticism of the open road swing you too violently towards a bucket of bolts-styled scrap mobile, pause and consider all the factors. I know what you’re thinking. Yawn. However, what good is your first car if you cannot afford fuel, insurance, or you end up paying double the price in repairs? Do your research into what size, style and condition of car you think you can afford from the dozens of trading and servicing sites such as the Jennings Motor Group. Though the website you use could end up being dictated by something as simple as price or brand range.

I just want to hit the road, what else do I have to think about? offer a whole host of advice in this area. Think about your budget. Carefully write down all of the figures and reasonable estimates as to your income and outgoings. Be honest with yourself as you don’t want your first car to feel more like a ball and chain. Though you might think a second-hand car is not such a cool choice, a used model can save you vast sums of money and offer years of loyal, reliable service. And if Michael Bay has taught us anything used cars are more likely to end up being Transformers into the bargain. What is not to like?

This is a commitment. Make sure you test drive whichever vehicle you choose and do not feel pressured or rushed into anything when it comes to your purchase. The car and the financing have to be right. Always be happy to push a haggling position with your dealer as well. Though try not to get hot headed. This will have the opposite effect you are looking for. If you are feeling daunted by a pending trip to a dealership then the Car Buyer site can help you out.

Before you meet the sales staff head on, you should have some idea of what model you want. Do some research on its particulars. Look for online reviews and get the lowdown. This way you don’t have to rely on someone commission hunting for the honest facts about a car’s positive and negative points. All of this will pay off when you are sailing down the road with a decent insurance policy and confidence your car won’t suddenly start belching more smoke than a coal-fired steam engine.

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