10 things Women should know about their car

Toyota If you’re a female driver who wants to be independent, here are the 10 most important things you need to know about your car.

After all, if you don’t service and maintain your vehicle on a regular basis, you run the risk of costly repair bills – as this article from motoring.com details

How to change a tyre
Women may have cheaper insurance costs than their male counterparts, according to information from Captain Compare but it isn’t all plain sailing for female drivers. For instance, ask a man to change a tyre and it’s likely he’ll know how to do it. But ask a woman and you’ll probably get a blank stare in response. If you want to be an independent woman on the road then this is one skill you really need to master.

Replacing a windscreen wiper
As well as being ineffective rain water removal systems, broken windscreen wipers can also affect other areas of the car, such as fuel efficiency, so you should know how to change one should the need arise.

Check and change the oil
The oil in a car may seem like nothing more than a runny liquid to the untrained eye, but it is actually a key component of the engine of a vehicle. Engine oil helps to keep moving parts of the engine working smoothly. If the lubricant overheats, it can be disastrous for the engine so it’s vital that you know how to check and change the oil.

Adjust the tyre pressure
Getting the right tyre pressure can mean the difference between changing your tyres every year and every four years. Too much pressure can leave tyres susceptible to punctures; too little pressure and your tyres will wear thin very quickly. The good news is that pressure can easily be gauged and altered at a service station.

Jump start a car
A flat battery can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours but if you know how to jumpstart your car then it’s little more than a minor inconvenience.

Refilling the windscreen wiper fluid
Windscreen wiper fluid is something that can often be taken for granted, it is used sparingly so it always seem to be available. However, in reality, the fluid does run out from time to time and replacing it is an important part of having good visibility when you’re behind the wheel. Just in case you run out on the road, it’s a good idea to keep a spare pot of the stuff in the glove compartment.

Fixing a leaky sunroof
While you might get away with a leaky sunroof during summer, you’re really going to know about it at some point during winter. As well as letting water drip through onto upholstery, a leaky sunroof can also present a thief with an opening to get into your car, so it’s vital you know how to fix it.

Know when your disc brake pads need changing
Even a man shouldn’t necessarily know how to go about changing a disc brake pad, but it’s vitally important you know when it needs changing. Tell tale signs that one has expired are that they are starting to squeal when you press the brake or the pad is starting to look thin.

Change headlight bulbs
Although there is a bit of loosening involved and a few wires, changing a headlamp bulb is a fairly routine job as well as being a vital one. Without the little bulbs your visibility could be very badly compromised at low light.

Consult the professionals
While it’s nice being able to do all the repairs yourself, it’s also important to know when you need to call in the experts – if in doubt, consult a professional mechanic. For further car maintenance tips and advice, read this checklist from the RAC.

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