Toyota Yaris on the Ghost trail at Pluckley for Halloween

Toyota YarisPluckley in Kent is no place for the faint-hearted after dark on Halloween, but the prospect of exploring Britain’s most-haunted village didn’t deter Toyota’s intrepid ghost-hunters who have been on the trail of wraiths and spirits in a blood red Yaris Sport.


The crew plunged into the misty lanes and by-ways, lights ablaze, in search of some of the tiny village’s many hauntings: the population of around 1,500 living souls is swollen by a legion of more than a dozen restless un-dead.

The spirited hatchback proved up to the task of following in the spectral footsteps of such legendary figures as the Screaming Man, the Highwayman, the Burning Gypsy and the tragic Red Lady, who still wanders from the church tomb where she was buried with a single red rose.

Toyota YarisToyota YarisGallant as Van Helsing facing down Count Dracula, the Yaris and our latter-day ghost-busters found the village rich in other-worldly atmosphere beneath a full moon. Prepared to meet the unexpected, they were nonetheless relieved their Toyota would be able to outpace any headless horseman should a quick get-away be required.

The full story of their adventure has just been published on the official Toyota UK blog, a tale best read by candle-light, with the curtains drawn and door firmly bolted.

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