Ford’s New Family Mondeo

Ford MondeoThe Ford Mondeo has always been renowned as a market leader in family saloon cars.

It has a large, efficient interior and sleek, attractive bodywork that’s been turning heads for years. There was a time when as a family you’d be hard-pressed to find a better and more efficient family vehicle than the Mondeo.

You may even have owned one yourself. They’re easy to get ahold of as they’re a popular model. Many dealerships stock all manner of Mondeo models for different prices. You could even pick one up right now. Don’t fret over the pricing. Just check out the Carbase car finance options when you get down there, and you could drive away with a Mondeo this afternoon. It’ll be a great trip down memory lane and will prepare you for the new model.

The newest Mondeo was highly anticipated. It promised to combine the family-oriented nature of the Mondeo with improved technology. This fourth generation Ford Mondeo hit the market at the back end of last year and went on the market from a little shy of £21,000. The wait was finally over, and Ford proclaimed this Mondeo to be the best model ever, in every department.

Well, for a start Ford hasn’t scrimped on the engine department. There’s an all-new engine for this Mondeo. It’s armed with a 1.5 litre EcoBoost turbocharged engine. The engine returns around 148 brake horsepower. It’s also a more efficient engine, it improves fuel economy and cuts down on the harmful emissions.

Ford MondeoFord MondeoIn keeping with the green theme, Ford has released hybrid versions of this new Mondeo. One is a traditional hybrid, and the other is a plug-in hybrid. This marks important steps for Ford as they take further steps into the electric car market.

The new Mondeo has a similar look to the previous model. Though the bodywork is lower, affording it a sleeker appearance. The new grille, headlamps and wheels give the car a commanding presence. The interior doesn’t disappoint either. The cabin is plush and practical with comfortable seats and an epic centre console. There are also attractive accessories onboard with SYNC featuring. This is Ford’s latest in-car entertainment program and got developed by Microsoft. It incorporates Bluetooth and allows you to stream music and access the internet from your phone.

You’ll also find this model produced a concept Mondeo. One that’s much more lightweight than previous generations. In fact, it weighs around the same as a Ford Fiesta! This is due to a combination of carbon fibre wheels and composite springs. This is a glimpse of what to expect in future Ford models.

It’s a smooth, excellent drive and is certainly a great car for long, drawn out journeys. It’s updated look, technology, and all-round likeability make this the perfect car for families or couples. Most important of all, this is a car you want to be seen driving. It’s a car for all seasons and one with longevity and endurance. The people’s car company strikes gold yet again with the perfect people’s car.

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