Another quick chat with a quick driver – Charlotte Burridge

Charlotte's old car that she had all her Lotus Success in (photo by Marc Waller)We last spoke to Charlotte at the beginning of 2014.

After having a great 2013 season racing in the Lotus Cup Europe she was about to announce big plans for the year but then things went quiet. We caught up with her to find out what happened and what her plans are for this season.

GR: Hi Charlotte, We last spoke to you at the beginning of last season when you were about to announce your plans for the year, but then nothing happened. Can you tell us what went wrong?

Charlotte: Unfortunately in January last year I was involved in a car accident which resulting a van hitting me at high speed into the back of my car which resulted in some quite substantial injuries, unfortunately we had to make the decision to not race last year which was a huge disappointment but we had to make sure my recovery went smoothly.

GR: Glad to see you’re feeling better now. It must’ve been a big setback for your racing career?

Charlotte: Yes, it was really big knock back as I had such a successful year in 2013 it has affected things putting me a year back.

GR: So what are your plans to return to racing for 2015?

Charlotte: This year I wanted to come back to the UK to race so I am going to compete in Lotus Cup UK and hopefully test and race in a few different things as well. I am very pleased to say that I have a couple of new sponsors that I will be able to announce soon so it’s all very exciting!

Charlotte Burridge (photo by Marc Waller)GR: Do you think it’ll take you long to get back into it?

Charlotte: So far the tests have all been really positive and I felt very comfortable straight away, it was a relief after a year out to be back in the car to be honest!

GR: That’s great news, so what do you think your chances are for this season?

Charlotte: I think I have a really good chance I am doing everything I can to make sure I look after my injuries and be prepared for the racing season.

GR: You also have a motorsport related day job, can you tell us about it?

Charlotte: Yes! I work at Mercedes-Benz World as a Driving Specialist which is really good fun but also a good way to keep me in the car every day. I am also a Silver Arrows Display driver too which is good fun!
Thanks for the catch up Charlotte and good luck for 2015. You can see Charlotte in action at Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands in Surrey and we’ll be bringing you news of her 2015 season. By Marc Waller

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