BMW To Launch Hybrid Version Of Every Model

BMW i8BMW continue to lead the charge in the world of green motoring.

After making a global impact with the electric BMW i3, the German manufacturer has clinched another award. This time it’s the Green Car Award and it celebrates the achievements of the incredible BMW i8. It’s one of the world’s most forward thinking hybrid sports cars. If that weren’t enough, BMW have just made another huge announcement. Speaking to AutoBlog, BMW’s CEO has claimed that every new BMW will come with a hybrid option.

BMW are taking green motoring seriously. It seems that – finally – the true power of hybrid engines have been unlocked. The BMW X5 is their first production car to get the hybrid treatment. This will soon extend to the full range. Hybrid engines are now powering some of the fastest vehicles on the planet. Their range and practicality has extended to a place that many thought was impossible. We’ve come along way since the humble Prius first posed the question over ten years ago. BMW is putting all its faith and resolve in hybrid motoring. We can expect others to follow suit.

The benefits of this move to green motoring are huge. First of all there’s the immediate release of pressure on the world’s resources. Hybrid engines drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by cutting our petrol use in half. These cars can go for longer, using less fossil fuels. They also emit less carbon dioxide into the air, helping to lower pollution. The benefits aren’t just environmental though. These engines are saving drivers a fortune at the fuel pump. They’re also enjoying tax breaks due to low emissions. Not only that, but these engines are unlocking power like we’ve never seen before.

The BMW i8 is a case in point. It has just come away with the World Green Car Award. It has proven itself as a true competitor amongst the best supercars in the world. It joins the likes of the Porsche 918 Spyder, Le Ferrari and the McLaren P1 in the hybrid supercar leagues. These hybrid engines are reaching speeds far beyond that of their traditional counterparts. Hybrid is no longer just green, it’s the best.

Hybrid vehicles work by harnessing the power of two engines. The first engine is the electric motor. The second is a traditional combustion engine. This traditional engine is used to support or recharge the electric motor. In BMW’s case, all their hybrid cars will be plugins. This means you can connect them to your mains electricity to charge. Soon, every BMW at your local dealer and on Imperial Car Supermarket will come with a hybrid option. It’s a huge leap forward and one that sets a trend for the future. Experts now predict that in the next two years, one in ten new cars sold will be hybrid.

Hybrid engines aren’t BMW’s only foray into green motoring. The new BMW i3 is a purely electric car that has taken the world by storm. Is this a tentative next step to a completely emissions free future? With the purely electric engine, perhaps they have their eyes firmly fixed on Tesla.

There’s no doubt about it, the future is here. Hybrid engines are taking over and paving the way for a new culture of driving. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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