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Latest car TechGone are the days when cars used to be just a tool of transportation.

With ground-breaking developments in the field of technology, the face and functions of a present day car have changed and drastically at that. The world of automobiles (new and ex-cars) is currently abuzz with several new technologies and findings that will soon be applied to cars to enhance their performances. Following are some of the cool features that your future four-wheeler might contain:

1.Hydrogen fueled engines- The definition of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is that, “it is zero emission and runs on compressed hydrogen fed into a fuel cell stack which produces electricity to power the vehicle.” A fuel cell can be used in combination with an electric motor to drive a vehicle powerfully and efficiently. Though clean and competent, hydrogen as a fuel is unstable and hence this technology has not been widely adopted yet. Fuel cell vehicles are still being tested in different parts of the world. This path breaking technology is being hailed as the future of motor cars by experts around the globe. 

2.Autonomous cars- As the name suggests, autonomous cars are unmanned i.e. they do not need a driver. They have been worked upon since as far back as the 1930s. Laden with techniques like sensory systems, radar, LIDAR, GPS and computer vision, they are also known as ‘robotic cars.’Major car companies and research organisations such as Mercedes-Benz, Continental Automotive Systems, Toyota, etc. have developed working prototypes of autonomous vehicles. A battery of experiments in the next few years, and you will get to see self-sufficient automobiles speeding down the roads with panache. 

3.Laser headlights– Illuminating dark roads at night, this exciting new feature of laser headlights has the potential to change the face of motoring. BMW has promised the installation of smaller, lighter, and of course brighter headlights on the upcoming i8. Audi too is planning to introduce the rad technology. 

4.Wireless-in-vehicle device charging- It is time to bid adieu to the tangled mess of cords in your car. Soon arriving to transform your life is a system that transmits power across distances, and makes charging possible without the precise positioning of the electronic device receiving the charge. This amazing system gets activated on detecting a device and charges it at a satisfactory speed.

5.Heath monitor – This is an age in which one does not get time to keep a check on one’s health. However, in the future, you can bank on your car to do that for you. A monitoring system that comprises sensors in the steering wheel, this technology was first introduced by BMW in 2011. It essentially measures the driver’s stress levels. By keeping you aware of what your body and mind are going through, this feature is as smart as it gets!

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