How Volkswagen became one of the World’s Largest Car Manufacturers


VW In the past two decades especially business for Volkswagen has been booming.

They’ve gone from overspending and losing their reputation for quality in the early 90s to raking in billions of pounds, euros and dollars’ worth of profits while restoring their reputation in the last few years.

There are many factors which have contributed to this, from changes in management and production right down to marketing methods. What it all means for you, as a car driver, is that there’s never been a better time to invest in a Volkswagen.

Wise Investments

To increase the Volkswagen group and stake their claim as big fish in the car manufacturing pond, Volkswagen have grown to own a number of other large vehicle brands. From acquiring fellow German giants Audi to helping rejuvenate Czech based firm Skoda and creating a far more reliable reputation, these have all played a part in VW’s business plan.

Owning Bentley, SEAT, Porsche, Bugatti and Lamborghini as well has meant the pool of car knowledge is huge. This has helped them learn from past mistakes and develop well together.


The Volkswagen range of vehicles has branched out over the decades to cater for many different audiences and styles. Classic models such as the Polo and Golf have remained constantly popular while newer and varied versions such as the Eos and eco-friendly models like Jetta hybrid have attracted a wider audience. Even vans, electric cars and limited edition models have all helped the brand expand and keep up with, if not ahead of, the times.


The Volkswagen name hasn’t always been associated with quality but through rebuilding and improving in many ways they’ve reclaimed a positive image. So much so that purchasing second hand Volkswagen vehicles is no longer seen as a big risk. By creating affordable family cars this has improved the used car market for VW vehicles. Along with higher end, more luxurious vehicles that don’t drop significantly in value immediately they’ve made the brand attractive to all.

The Future
Thinking forward by developing a range of electric cars, thanks in part to the massive profits they’ve managed to generate, Volkswagen have kept up with technology and cleverly adopted it into their vehicles. Unlike Rover and a few other sadly extinct car manufacturers they managed to avoid any such disasters and survive the hard times. Don’t be surprised if one day soon they are the largest car manufacturer in the world.

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