BMW Set to Debut Newest M Car


BMW M2The German automaker is at it again – BMW is on the cusp of usurping the throne it has itself owned.

That is because the latest iteration of the iconic M3 line is nothing short of adding to perfection for the iconic line. Coming from a rich heritage of 60s and 70s era rally cars that took the European championships by surprise with specially modded versions of the first iteration of the 3 series, BMW went on to make a name for itself by winning European Touring Cars in 1987.

Nowadays, of course, they sport modern diesel super engines, and from the older and standard designs, some are specially modified with high trim, different engine specifications, and alterations to transmission, interior trim, aerodynamics, suspension. Yet, one thing remains in common with the older models: they are still fine-tuned at the Nurburgring private facility that BMW uses specifically to gauge and improve on performance.
The Newest Generation

The M3 has received some minor external alterations along the head and taillights. In place of the regular old beams are LED lights, more efficient in energy consumption, but sporting an icier colour which not everyone prefers. Meanwhile, the brake lights feature a sportier look, opting to go with sharping angles and a contour that generally looks sleeker. Overall, the slight touches make for a more attractive, modern-looking vehicle.
Uber Sports Car

Still around are the lightweight seats, pieces of carbon-fibre, and suspension parts, all of which are unique from the regular 3-series line. The S55 engine is a beast, sporting 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. For the transmission, you have the option of a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that, in both cases, is tied to the twin-turbocharged straight-six. These are both unavailable from the straight 3-series line, as well.

On the interior, more chrome can be found, just in case you were wondering if you were driving a sports car. In all seriousness, the interior is still very sexy, and the upgrades to the iDrive and setup for navigating via GPS around the world are well received, especially since they are tested to be more responsive.

Overall, according to test drives, this handles and drives like the road beast you would expect BMW to make. By all accounts, there is nothing holding this thing back, and the future of the series is certainly looking bright. Maybe the next model will have more horsepower?

So that is the latest and greatest news on BMW’s M line. But, if you are still not convinced to trade in your van for an M3 anytime soon, why not look at upgrading your vehicle by using one of many van finance deals available on the market. Which will make purchasing a new van as affordable as possible

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