SEAT Ibiza CUPRAThe new Ibiza CUPRA shows the essence of the SEAT brand in its purest form – emotional design, outstanding performance and state-of-the-art technology, combined to create one of the most dynamic cars in the hot supermini class.

With its compact format and excellent functionality, the Ibiza CUPRA is the perfect sports car for everyday use. The performance generated by the 1.8-litre TSI engine is impressive – acceleration from nought to 62 mph in just 6.7 seconds, a top speed of 146 mph – paired with exceptional efficiency. The new interior creates an extraordinary feeling of quality, while SEAT Full Link, the SEAT DriveApp and the SEAT ConnectApp enable optimum connectivity. In one area, however, there was very little room for improvement – the Ibiza’s emotional and dynamic design, which is still cited as the main reason for purchasing the compact Spanish model.

The new 1.8 TSI engine with turbocharger and combined direct / indirect injection is a compact piece of hi-tech kit that guarantees exceptionally refined performance. Power is up by 12 PS to 192 PS compared to its predecessor, but arguably its greatest advance comes in the form of its boosted torque. Instead of the previous 250 Nm, there are now 320 Nm on call – across an extremely broad rev range, from 1,450 to 4,200 rpm. This delivers incredibly forceful pulling power in any given situation. A 0-62 mph sprint of 6.7 seconds and top speed of 146 mph put it in the premier league of hot superminis.

During the development of this engine, particular attention was dedicated to the combustion process. In addition to FSI petrol direct injection, the 1.8 TSI uses an indirect injection system that injects the fuel at the end of the intake manifold close to the tumble flaps, where it swirls intensively with the air. Indirect injection comes into play under partial load, lowering fuel consumption and reducing particulate emissions.

The Ibiza CUPRA comes as standard with 17-inch alloy wheels and suspension tuned for maximum agility and precision. One new standard feature is the CUPRA Drive Profile, which allows the driver to adapt the car’s steering and suspension at the touch of a button. The system offers two settings, comfort suspension and sport suspension, and also modifies steering behaviour. The XDS electronic differential lock improves handling characteristics, especially under fast cornering.

SEAT Ibiza CUPRAThe ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system comprising Hill Start Assist, Multi-Collision Brake, Tyre Pressure Warning and Tiredness Recognition, all come as part of the Ibiza CUPRA’s standard safety package. Fatigue at the steering wheel is still the cause of many and serious accidents. The new drowsiness warning in the SEAT Ibiza identifies from steering behaviour when the driver’s attention is lapsing and emits a warning sound. Another new safety system is the Multi-Collision Brake. Following a serious collision, it automatically slows the car down to dissipate any remaining kinetic energy. If the airbag is activated by the first collision, the electronic stability control brakes the car and switches on the hazard lights. The Ibiza has been awarded the highest five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test.

Alongside MirrorLinkTM, the SEAT Full Link connectivity solution incorporates the functions of Apple Car PlayTMand Android AutoTM. Users can be online, while retaining full concentration on the road, and make use of the various permitted functions conveniently and safely via the touchscreen in the new Ibiza. In the case of Apple CarPlay, those functions currently cover phone, messaging, music and maps, with more to follow in future. MirrorLink is another perfect technology that enables the safe operation of smartphones and many of their functions and apps via the Ibiza CUPRA’s infotainment system by “mirroring” the smartphone screen on the touchscreen in the redesigned Ibiza cockpit. This works seamlessly with a growing number of MirrorLink-compatible Android smartphones.

Android Auto provides quick and easy access to navigation, communication and music applications and services in a way that is safer than accessing these apps on the phone screen while driving.

UK pricing and specification to be confirmed closer to launch in January 2016



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