Ford Focus Zetec: Still a modern motoring great

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Cars play a more important role in society than ever before. As such, choosing the right vehicle for your specific driving needs is imperative.

We all have a dream car that we’d love to possess. In truth, though, a car needs to be practical. Nevertheless, drivers still demand the same levels of comfort and style. Moreover, a vehicle should offer immense reliability. For all of these reasons, the Ford Focus Zetec has to be considered the perfect choice for any modern day motorist. Particularly if you are looking at the increasingly popular used marketplace.

First and foremost, you are guaranteed to get great value for money with any Ford model. This is especially true when dealing with the Focus Zetec. In fact, the car was named the best used car of 2014 by a poll run by What Car? magazine. In truth, this reliability and quality of vehicle should be top of the agenda when buying any motor.

The other great thing about the Focus Zetec is that there are various options available. The model has been in production for many years now, meaning that you can find different ages and engine sizes to suit your budget. Meanwhile, you can also choose between three and door depending on your needs.

High production volumes mean that you should have no problem finding a used Zetec with the add-ons and other small details that you require. A1 Carriages, for example, have a number of different options available. Quite frankly, you can have the same level of flexibility as you would with a new car. Even down to the choice of colour.

Performance wise, you couldn’t ask anything more from the Ford Focus Zetec. As far as Hatchbacks are concerned, it does everything you could ever ask. I recently borrowed a 1.6l 2010 model for the weekend and must say the handling was very smooth. As well as being a fun drive, it’s also very quiet. This makes it perfect for anyone with a young family or a business person that needs to make regular calls while on the road.

I will admit that the difference between performance in Zetec and normal Focus is minimal. However, the former is definitely slightly better. The main attraction of opting for this option, though, is the added style. The body looks smarter and the alloy wheels make a noticeable impact too.

The standard seats are padded and comfortable too. This isn’t only important for your driving enjoyment, but it can work wonders if you have young kids in the back.

Nevertheless, those great features would count for very little if the car didn’t work properly. Thankfully, it is a very reliable option. With the right level of maintenance, you won’t encounter many problems. If you do face any issues, the popularity of Ford means that finding replacement parts should be easy.

The Focus Zetec has remained one of the most popular cars on the used market for some time. Whether it’s for a single person or a family driver, there’s no doubt that it is one of the best hatchbacks you could ever drive.


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