Ford KA: Is It Still Enjoyable In 2016?

Ford KA

Ford KAThis year signals the 20th anniversary of the first Ford KA production line. And the nippy city car has become a firm favourite among new and urban drivers.

The 3-door hatchback is still going strong in terms of sales figures, but is it still a worthwhile investment for those in the market?

Last year saw the release of the KA’s third-generation across Europe, which certainly makes the Ford model relevant once more. Meanwhile, the announcement of the new five-door version in 2016 will have fans excited.

I drove the 65 plate Zetec model, which is a little more expensive than the Style model. However, in my opinion, the added nimbleness and comfort is well worth the slight price hike. Nevertheless, you are getting roughly the same deal with either option. It’s just a case of deciphering what you want from the drive.

It’s hard to drive the KA without drawing comparisons to the FIAT 500. While the latter does have a few advantages regarding refinement, the KA still offers the better driving experience. Considering the prices, especially when compared to a 500 Sport, it’s not hard to see why the KA remains as popular as ever.

The 1.2l engine makes the KA cheap to run. Moreover, it’s very economical in terms of insurance and other aspects. High production numbers mean that there are always plenty of options knocking about the used car marketplace. Meanwhile, the relatively low costs offer the option of going new without breaking the bank. Experts at TC Harrison Ford can discuss your needs to find the right option for you.

At the heart of things, the KA is always going to offer very modest facilities regarding boot space and tech add-ons. Likewise, the power is never going to challenge beefier options on the market. It’s not an ideal option for someone that does a 50-mile motorway journey to work, but that’s not the market that this vehicle is designed for.

If it’s a car aimed at a city driver, it ticks the boxes. Meanwhile, the simplicity makes it the perfect option for an inexperienced motorist. In truth, even as a driver with years of experience, I still take immense pleasure from pottering around in the KA. But as far achieving what it is supposed to is concerned, you can’t go far wrong. The only real complaint is the fairly poor safety facilities.

Nevertheless, you can’t have any complaints about the KA. It’s still very much a car that people in the market for n economical hatchback should consider. When the aforementioned five-door arrives this summer, it will provide even greater flexibility too.

Another great selling point, especially for the inexperienced driver, is that it’s easy to maintain. Keeping the car in top condition requires very little work, even in winter. Meanwhile, replacement parts are priced fairly too.

Very few drivers will have the KA as their dream car. But as a first-time driver or city user, it remains one of the best options on the market. After all, Ford is a name you can count on.

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