Minicabs: type of cars and features


Seat Minicabs, whilst lacking the iconic style of London’s famous Black Cabs, nonetheless serve a vital purpose.

Where Black Cabs come in one form only, minicabs offer a range of features and can accommodate a multitude of demands. One cannot deny the cultural significance, and for that reason long may they live, but ever increasingly the public are choosing the services offered by minicabs.

What’s the difference?

Quite simply, minicabs come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your demand, there will be a minicab to match it. From the environmentally conscious demanding zero-emissions and carbon balanced trips, to those with a priority for luxury, looking to travel in style, the choice is far broader than the services offered by the Black Cab.

Additionally, minicabs can cater from the single passenger to whole groups, with a wide range of MPVs and larger vehicles from all kinds of manufacturers, from Mercedes to Volkswagen, Honda to Hyundai.

But the seemingly intractable concerns about minicabs remain: how can you tell if you’re getting a good deal? Which minicab companies are trustworthy? Which drivers are the most accommodating?

How you can improve your experience

To answer these questions, and to ensure you get the best minicab experience possible it is highly recommended that you use a comparison website, such as The old rigmarole of calling around the innumerable minicab companies is inefficient and ineffective, especially when a single search on the right website can sort it all.

The primary advantage to the use of a comparison website is price. Having entered your pickup and destination locations you are presented with a list of quotes from each company, so you can always tell which is the cheapest.
Furthermore, you can distinguish between payment options: prepayment by card, or cash payment on arrival, so no more fumbling in pockets looking for change when you can have everything sorted before you even enter the cab. The option to reserve a cab in advance further adds to the convenience factor, allowing you to coincide your minicab’s arrival with your exit from a cinema or theatre.

Finally, comparison websites allow consumers insights into the quality of service offered by each minicab operator, through user submitted reviews. No longer can minicab operators hide behind the anonymity granted by the pre-comparison website era – all you need do is choose a highly rated operator and rest easy, knowing your booking is in safe hands.

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