On the road with the MG3 Form Sport

MG3 Form Sport

MG3 Form SportMG has a long history when it comes to making motor cars and I can recall many models that made MG as a brand stand out above all others

– for instance the MG Midget, the MGA and the MGB GT V8 are just a few of the iconic models that I can remember from my youth.

When this much-loved brand was re-launched back in 2011 the response was positive and for me this was great news; because I was happy that once again I would start seeing a new generation of MG motor cars hit our streets.

The brand is currently now growing again and the introduction of the face lifted MG6 in 2015 made it even stronger – so in light of this – I thought it was about time I gave the MG3 supermini which was introduced back in 2013 a full work out.

Power and Efficiency:
The MG3 is powered by a 1.5 DOHC VTi-TECH engine that produces 106PS @6000rpm and has a top speed of 108mph. Fuel consumption is around 51mpg (combined) and a 0-60 time of around 10 seconds. The engine feels very willing – and for an engine that is normally aspirated I think it does that rather well. Ok – it’s never going to set any records, but why should it – The MG3 was built to meet a need for a car that was not only well equipped, but also priced without breaking the bank or jacking up insurance premiums.

On the road:
The MG3 feels fine – nothing to complain about really. Its fun to drive and the chassis is doing a great job of keeping you pressed into the tarmac with plenty of grip into the corners. The steering is also well weighted, but I found that road noise can be high on some surfaces and I think a little extra sound proofing here and there would have been a welcome introduction.

Design and Interior:
The interior is not as good as some, but for a budget motor I can forgive it for its basic approach. Although the seating was comfortable and the space inside is more than adequate. The dials and switches are also set out well and the interior stands out better than some of its budget rivals like the Dacia Sandero. Also, let’s not forget about the wide range of personalisation options you can choose from.

The MG 3FORM Sport model is fitted with a CD player with six speakers and USB input along with a host of extras like; LED Daytime running lights, DAB Radio, Multi-function trip computer, Stability control system (SCS) including ABS, EBD, EBA, CBC and engine stop-start function.
Base price (from) £9,899 as tested)  By Anthony Yates 

MG3 Form Sport

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