Is Now The Time To Buy A Vauxhall Mokka?

Vauxhall Mokka

Vauxhall MokkaVauxhall recently announced a new version of their Mokka model.

There are a few upgrades that might catch the eye, but new car launch does mean one thing – its predecessor is now a lot cheaper. So, is the time right to buy a new Mokka? Let’s have a closer look and see.

The Mokka is Vauxhall’s attempt at competing with the likes of the Skoda Yeti and the Nissan Juke. It’s a striking looking vehicle – nice, chunky angles with a modern feel. There are plenty of options available, too. You can choose between petrol and diesel options, or you could go for a four-wheel drive and automatic options.

On the inside, you can pick from several trim levels – and there is plenty on offer if you want to pay a little extra. There are dozens of control buttons on the dash which are a welcome – if fiddly – addition. Visibility is good, and the seats are spacious and comfortable. Even the basic models come packed with equipment, with DAB radio, USB inputs and Bluetooth available as standard. You’ll also get a monochrome display which is easy to use and get to grips with.

Visually, there is plenty on board the new Vauxhall to love. But what about the driving experience? Well, it’s OK, but overall the Mokka could be better regarding driving ease. The 1.6-litre engine is the cheapest available, and if you want to get anywhere fast, it’s going to cost you in revs and fuel. You can expect to change gear a lot in the diesel version, too, as it can take a while for the turbocharger to start. That said, if you intend to use the Mookka for driving to and from work or heading off for a day in town, it’s more than acceptable.

There are some minor complaints about comfort, however. The suspension is pretty stiff, and unless you want to upgrade it yourself, you will find going over speedbumps a jarring experience. It’s better on the motorways, though, and travelling on the smoother roads is a more enjoyable ride. The body control is a little stiff, too, let down by some average steering and an inability to take a corner with speed.

Regarding space, the Mokka is roomy enough for the average city girl – and there’s plenty of storage on board, too. You should be able to fit a couple of children’s car seats in the back, too. There’s more than enough room here for all but the tallest of adults. The boot is big, and there’s some smart design work to admire. The boot floor is level with the lip, so it’s a perfect option for anyone with a heavy buggy as it makes it easier to load.

So, is the Mokka worth looking at for your next car? The truth is, if it wasn’t for the X, perhaps not. But, you will find plenty of enticing deals out there, right now. It makes the Mokka a lot better value than other Vauxhalls – and you will avoid many of the issues that you might have with depreciation.

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