Fiat 500: The Right Car For A First-Time Driver?

Fiat 500s

Fiat 500sNo girl ever forgets her first car. After the buzz of passing your test, the pressure of choosing the right vehicle is almost unbearable.

But there are a number of go-to options on the market, and the Fiat 500 hatchback is certainly one of them.

So the big question is pretty simple: is it a worthy choice? Let’s take a closer look.


It’s hard to think about any car purchase without talking money. However, the cost becomes even more imperative when you’re a first-time driver. After all, the car insurances and other related costs are going to blow a hole in your bank balance before you’ve even thought about the car itself.

The current shape has been on the market for nearly a decade now. The Italian manufacturer continues to improve its model each year. But the longevity of the vehicle means that there are plenty of great used options on the market. However, the right car finance package can often allow you to buy or lease a new version.

Whatever option you take, the Fiat 500 offers great value for money in addition to low running costs. Quite simply, it passes that test with flying colours.


Your first car is a very special item that you’ll always remember. Let’s not kid ourselves; appearances count for a lot, and a vehicle that looks great will ensure that those memories are far more pleasant.

For me, the Fiat 500 is far more attractive than the KA or other competing models. The sleek bodywork looks fantastic in a variety of options, especially in Volare Blue. Aside from looking great, though, the modest size makes it particularly good for parking in tight spaces. As an inexperienced driver, that can be a godsend in those early months.

Other factors are more important than the aesthetics. Nonetheless, a car that looks great on the driveway will fill you with far more joy. As a first city car, the 500 is awesome.


Looks are important, but they’ll count for nothing if the car doesn’t drive as you’d expect. The modern 500s offer a very smooth city drive, particularly when the light touch city mode is activated.

Whether you choose the TwinAir, or a 1.2l engine doesn’t matter too much. You’ll find that the car is especially suited to city driving, but is more than capable on motorways too. Opting for the 500S will provide a little more oomph to the drive, but you’re still not going to be challenging boy racers in the Fiat.

Then again, that’s not the car’s purpose. As a first-time driver that needs a vehicle for daily life, the specs are just fine.


Perhaps above all else, you need to be safe in your car at all times. The Fiat 500 might not boast the most technological cabin, but sensors will help you avoid bumps when parking. But that’s not the main focus.

The supermini boasts a five-star adult rating at Euro NCAP testing. It boasts a number of telling safety features while airbags and other essential items are as expected. Of course, you’ll hopefully never need to rely on them. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know you’re covered.

I’m not going to say that this is the perfect car for every first-time female driver. However, it will certainly tick all the boxes for most. At the very least, it should be on your shortlist.

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