Moaning About Your Motoring Costs? This Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down!

Ford Fiesta

Ford FiestaIt seems that plenty of us like to spend our days complaining about the “high cost” of motoring in 2016.

Sure, petrol and diesel prices aren’t as low as they once were. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. It could be worse: you could live in Singapore, where it costs a fortune even to buy a car!

The hot topic of this year seems to be how to keep cars on the road as cheaply as possible. You might not think it, but it IS possible to achieve that goal! How? Keep reading to find out more:

Buy a car that offers cheaper maintenance costs

What’s the difference between a Ford Fiesta and a Ferrari California? The former is cheaper to buy parts for than the latter! Sure, the Fiesta isn’t as exotic or fast as the Italian stallion. But, you’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank! It might sound obvious, but you should buy a car that offers cheap maintenance.

Scout your local scrap yard for spare parts

We all know that you should buy “consumables” like brake discs and pads brand new. Still, there is a market for used car parts like wheels, seats and other components. You can save a fortune by getting those items secondhand. Often, you will find examples in mint condition. In fact, some parts may be brand new!

Find out where your local scrap yards are and head over there armed with some basic tools. Not only will you find the parts you need at low prices, but you’ll also have fun getting them too!

Don’t buy everything from your main dealer

I know someone that paid over £20 for ten dashboard screws from their main dealer, believe it or not! As you can imagine, that’s just insane. It’s better to fire up your computer and search online for those same items. For something like the above example, you could end up paying a couple of quid at the most.

You could also couple your purchase with a money-off voucher as well. For instance, did you know there are eBay discount codes you can use on qualifying purchases?

Learn to do stuff yourself

For some reason, many people are afraid to perform even a basic oil change on their cars. As you can image, garages capitalise on those fears. Save yourself those labour costs and do some work yourself. The things you can perform at home include:

•Oil and filter changes;

•Battery, starter motor, and alternator replacements; and

•Removal, cleaning and refitting of coked-up EGR valves.

You can go online and order a Haynes manual for your car. They are the bibles of vehicle maintenance. I also recommend you invest in some basic tools and diagnostic equipment. You can get all of it cheaply on the web.

Join an online community

One final thing you should consider is joining an online club dedicated to your marque. There are loads of them about, and most are free to join.

Good luck!

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