Rebecca joins the DTM weekend in her KTM X-Bow GT4

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca JacksonRebecca spent last weekend at the Hungaroring putting the KTM X-Bow GT4 through its paces.

The GT4 series was running alongside the DTM for the weekend. It was fantastic to be supporting such loud, fast racing.

Team WP Performance got off to a slow start with Friday’s qualifying session cut short but Rebecca and teammate Thomas Krebs made the most of it, ending up in the mid-field. Track limits warnings were served to most of the grid so every driver had to keep a close eye on their track position as not to pick up penalties.

Both Rebecca and Thomas could feel the car was off the pace after the seven-minute qualifying session so the team gathered around the data, ready to fix the problem ahead of the weekend’s races.

In race 1, Rebecca got off to a good start and quickly overtook a BMW M3 but after some time battling with her main competition, she couldn’t keep it behind her. Thomas got in the car and while he managed to be strong on track, neither driver was on their usual pace.

The team worked late into Saturday night to see what could be done to improve the pace. Rebecca says: “We changed the spoiler, brake bias, cleaned our tyres and made some other adjustments ready for the race on Sunday.”

Track action They went into race 2 feeling strong with Thomas out in the car first. On Rebecca’s second lap in the X-Bow GT4, the safety car joined the circuit just as Rebecca was passing the pit exit. This meant she had to complete a full lap before she caught up with the back of the pack. The reduced pace caused her tyres to cool down, something the whole grid was struggling with at the slower speeds behind the safety car.

The racing got underway once again and Rebecca was ready to push but a car hit her going into turn one, it knocked her slightly sideways but she was able to keep it controlled and stay on the track.

The chequered flag waved and while Rebecca didn’t pick up a podium Team WP Performance remains at the top the team standings and Rebecca in 3rd place among the hugely competitive RYS females.

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