Power Up Your Motor!

Modified car

Modified car When you first get a car, it always feels fresh and exciting.

But, this soon wears off, and you start to notice problems with your pride and joy. All of the other options you had start to seem more appealing, or you keep seeing new cars that you like the look of.

Whether you’re tired of super-high torque cars wrecking you on the takeoff, or feel like your car needs a bit of revitalisation, this post can help. Using an engine tuning service, you can have your car tweaked to improve power, torque, fuel efficiency, and even increase the engine size. This post will give you a general overview of what you can have done to your car!

The Transmission

Powering the wheels on your car is obviously important. So, it makes sense to improve that area first. Tuning your car’s transmission gives you smoother gear changes, higher power output, and more responsiveness. The sort of work you do on a transmission will differ from car to car.

The Handling

When you get to a corner at speed, you want to be sure that you can make it. Most cars come out of the factor best suited to roads, where it’s hard to be low. And they will usually use regular parts, instead of high-performance ones.

Your car’s handling can be tuned by lowering the car’s weight, tightening the suspension and by upgrading the brakes. In conjunction with each other, these modifications will make for a much agiler and responsive car.

The Fuel, Intake & Exhaust

These areas of a car are usually ignored when it comes to tuning a car. But, this area would include installing turbos! And, although it’s a hard job that needs a lot of expertise, it’s still a great way to add power to your car.

Along with turbochargers; you can think about forced induction to get more air to your engine or a better exhaust to limit emissions. There’s loads you can do to the airflow of your car, and loads that airflow can affect.

The Engine

Of course, the engine is the single most important part of a tune up. The engine controls so many aspects of the car’s performance. It’s best to leave this sort of work to a professional, as there’s often a lot of maths involved!

Tuning your engine can come in many forms. The most drastic would be to bore out the inside of the engine, to increase it’s capacity. This works to increase the power output of the engine, by increasing the amount of air and fuel it can hold. Other, more intricate parts, can be tuned as well. The idea being to make your engine as efficient as possible, without changing it for a new one.

Things to be Concerned About

Of course, pushing something mechanical to it’s limits will reduce it’s lifespan. We can see this with a lot of high-performance Japanese cars. Cars like this will often rely on tuning rather than natural power output to achieve their speed goals. If you know anyone with one of these cars, you’ll know how often it’s in the garage. Which doesn’t mean you’ll have these problems, but you should aware of them.

Tuning a car is a delicate process, and should be done by professionals. Most tuning companies can give you estimates, as to how much your car will improve. Use online resources to make sure these quotes are accurate!

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