4 things you wish they’d told you before you started driving

Ford Fiesta

Ford FiestaDriving is incredible and brings you an amazing amount of freedom.

It really makes you feel like you’ve finally become an adult. Those who can’t drive will envy you. It will make your life so much easier and bring you so much convenience. It will help you reach opportunities that, before, were way too out of reach.

Well, all of that is what a lot of people seem to want you to think. But once you’ve actually learned to drive, you start to realize a few things. Things you wish you’d known beforehand so you didn’t get so overhyped before you took your test.

Let’s have a look at a few of those annoyances, shall we?

Buying a car is nothing like the ads make out

Adverts about car sellers always make it out to be such an easy, almost sexy process. You go in, you find the car you want almost immediately, you take it for a quick test run, and boom. You decide you want it, make a payment, and off you go. But buying a car isn’t really any fun at all. It’s a long and arduous process that often involves unholy amounts of paperwork.

You didn’t have to wait so long to take that test

Most new drivers had to wait several weeks, or maybe even months, to take their driving test. It can be a real pain, especially if you feel that too much time has passed since your final lesson. Everyone seems to talk as though that’s a given. But you do actually have options if you don’t want to wait so long to take your test. Try looking out for driving test cancellations. When a test is cancelled, the examiner is often left with a sudden free slot. Find these and get in there!

Those L- and P-plates are going to get you hassled

When someone sees a plate that indicates that a driver is either a learner or has just finished their practical test? They seem to get automatically angry. They assume that you’re going to mess up. They’ll swear under their breath. They might start beeping at you even when you’re not doing anything wrong. If they’re in the wrong, they’ll still assume you’re in the wrong, because you’re the new kid on the block! Try not to fall into the trap of getting road rage just because some morons behind you are offended by your learner plates.

You’re not going to master driving for a long time

Okay, so I doubt you ever thought you’d become Lewis Hamilton as soon as you finished your test. (And I hope you weren’t thinking of trying his speedy maneuvers on public roads!) But your control of the car isn’t always going to be so smooth. People do get much better at driving over the years. You may have spent the past year or so taking lessons, but you’re no master yet! The intricacies of parking, in particular, are rarely learned perfectly by the end of your lessons. Don’t be discouraged by any occasional mistakes you may make. Keep at it and you’ll be a superior driver eventually!

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