On the road with the Peugeot 2008 GT

Peugeot 2008 GTI have spoken many times about how I am still not convinced that we need low power Eco cars, with less horsepower than a blender.

So as you can imagine, when I was given the 2008 PureTech to test recently, I suddenly developed a longing for walking instead.

It’s a shame really – because a lot of Eco friendly cars are actually quite good – apart from the Toyota Prius of course – that’s just plain rubbish and about as useful as a bike with no chain. Plus it has a maximum power output of about ZERO and it will pretty much destroy your social life in an instant if you decide to drive it anywhere further than the end of your driveway. As for the 2008, well let’s see if Peugeot have managed to make something a little bit better.

Power and Efficiency:
My test car was fitted with a 1.2 PureTech petrol engine that produces 130hp. The unit is smooth and very responsive on the road, with plenty of power considering it’s just a small engine. Top speed comes in around 124mph and you can expect a 0-62 time of 9.3sec. Fuel consumption is also decent and I managed with very little effort – 50mpg on the combined cycle.

On the road:
The 2008 is a very playful little crossover on the road and although it’s not one of the best I have driven recently – it’s not the worst either. Into the corners – it does feel a little bit too soft, but that’s not always a bad thing – because there is nothing worse than owning a crossover with suspension so hard that even the smoothest of roads feels like a rally stage.

Design and Interior:
The 2008 has a decent interior with clear and presentable cockpit which is laid out nice – although I am not sure why they decided to fit the instrument panel so high on the dashboard. The use of upmarket materials around the cockpit also gives the 2008 a classy feel thanks to Peugeot finally using quality materials instead of the cheap plastic alternative.

We come to expect a lot nowadays from car manufacturers, and the 2008 comes with an array of kit such as; 17” Eridan Black alloy wheels, Cielo panoramic glass roof, Aluminium door sills & pedals, GT line carpet mats & trim, Satellite Navigation with European mapping, reversing camera, 7” multifunction colour touch screen, MirrorScreen, based on MirrorLinkTM and Apple Carplay®, along with Active City Brake and Park Assist. The 2008 is also equipped with Grip Control – an adapted traction system – giving the 2008 good versatility on all types of terrain – and All-Season tyres as standard.

To sum up:
The 2008 is a decent crossover, but the market is flooded right now with cars all offering the same. I am not sure if Peugeot has done enough to make the 2008 stand out from the crowd.
From; £20,425 By Anthony Yates


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