The most cost effective modes of transport for young drivers

Toyota AygoThe vast majority of teenagers will literally count down the days until they can ride a motorcycle or drive a car for the first time, as it represents a major milestone in life and is a step closer to adulthood.

Unfortunately, having your own two or four wheels can get quite pricey, with mum and dad often footing the bill.

Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests to choose a mode of transport that not only offers cost-effective travel but also keeps an adolescent’s safety and street cred in tact. With this in mind, here are the cheapest ways for teenagers to get around.


Mopeds and scooters represent the first opportunity for teenagers to own some sort of petrol-powered transport, as they can be ridden after turning 16. What’s more, they are extremely economical and supercool too, with manufacturers such as Vespa leading the way in terms of performance and style. At Vespa scooter dealer Metropolis Motorcycles, you will find a range of GTS models that are capable of returning around 50mpg. With different design and colour choices available, every teenager is bound to find a model that suits them too. For parents worried about safety, youngsters must take compulsory basic training (CBT) to start riding category AM and category Q scooters, which only have a maximum speed between 25km/h and 45km/h.


The next option for young drivers are motorcycles, which tend to be bigger and more powerful than scooters. The licence requirements are different too, as you need to pass a theory and practical test along with CBT before being allowed to ride category A, A1, and A2 motorcycles. Although models like the Honda CBF125 can return a truly impressive 87.5mpg, the lengthy process of passing a motorcycle test often puts cash-strapped teenagers off. On top of that, you still need to take additional theory and practical tests if you want to drive a car afterwards. Several parents won’t like the fact that category A motorcycles are unrestricted in size and power either, which will also bump up insurance premiums.


Most teenagers will look forward to their 17th birthday so they can get a provisional licence and get straight behind the wheel of a car and get moving. Even if you are able to practise with mum and dad to keep costs down in terms of driving lessons, the biggest expenses will come after passing, when the purchase price of a car is often dwarfed by extortionate insurance premiums. The latest data from the AA British Insurance Premium Index January 2017 shows that average premiums for young drivers aged 17 to 22 are up to an eye-watering £1,436. So, despite the fact that popular cars among first-time drivers like the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic can achieve 88.3mpg, the additional costs of motoring prices several teenagers out.

All things considered, the most cost effective mode of transport for young drivers is the scooter as you can get your licence easily and don’t have too many pricey expenses afterwards.


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