Breakdown mistakes that cost an arm and a leg

Warming TriangleYou are likely to break down on the side of the road at least once in your driving life.

That’s what the statistics say. Making some of the mistakes beneath can put you in real danger when that happens. Though most breakdowns happen somewhere safe enough but there are still mistakes that can see you paying a lot more than you probably should. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Not having a car breakdown kit
If you’re unprepared for a breakdown, especially on a road trip, then you could put yourself in serious danger or at least be stuck out there for a lot longer. A first aid kit, blankets, and some tinned food and bottled water can make sure everyone sustains themselves in the car. But perhaps the most important thing to keep in your car at all times is an old phone that gets charged and switched off weekly. It’s far from uncommon that someone gets stuck out on the road with a dead phone and no way to make the calls they need to.

Getting out of the car before it’s safe
If you’ve broken down, you need to assess the situation and make sure it’s safe before you think about getting out of the car. Take the car to the side of the road as far as possible and put on your hazard lights. The risk of being hit after breaking down is not negligible and it becomes an even more serious concern at night time.

Not getting out of the car at all
However, once you’ve deemed it safe, it’s better to get everyone out of the car and as far from it as possible. Get everyone out of the car on the side facing away from the road, of course. When it’s safe, put warning triangles down about fifty feet behind the car to keep it at less risk of getting hit, as well.

Immediately going for the breakdown services
Once you’re sure you’re safe, then it’s time to sort the problem out. However, you don’t always need breakdown services. If it’s a flat tyre, parking somewhere safe is your first concern but after that, mobile tyre services like Wiltshire Tyres might cost you a lot less than using those breakdown services. Of course, if you can’t identify the problem then you’re going to need to get the car towed. It’s not a good idea to try to fix a car if you’re on your own. Even in a space spot in full daylight, you need someone fully aware of the surroundings and any risk involved.

Not having breakdown cover
This is something you can’t really do anything about when you’re out there on the road, but it’s a mistake you’ll kick yourself for nonetheless. Breakdown cover might seem unimportant when you’re not using it but it can save you a lot of money when the almost inevitable happens. Garage mechanics, on the other hand, tend to charge around £40-50 to get called out and then usually charge for every mile they have to tow your car.

Safety comes beyond all else when it comes to breaking down on the side of the road. Stay calm, assess your situation and follow the tips above to make sure you’re keeping yourself as safe as possible.


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