Emily Linscott – Junior Subaru Championship Rnd 7 – A Day To Forget

Emily Linscott After a fantastic day testing with Project One Racing on Saturday, where Emily posted sub-lap record times in her kart, she and the team were excited for the Sunday races, which was the biggest ever grid in the Junior Subaru history, some 32 drivers.

Qualifying: Almost immediately it became obvious there was a problem and Emily’s kart was slow, getting her to just 5th in her group. Not a great start but the problem was found to be her brake disc, which was binding against the caliper. This was rectified for race 1, or so we thought.

Heat1: With two of the groups combined, Emily lined up in 10th position on the grid. A very slow start off the line showed the problem was back. Almost immediately, Emily was being passed in a straight line and there was nothing she could do but fight defensively and minimize her losses. Eventually finishing 14th out of 22 starters. The problem; the rear axle had shunted itself across by 7mm causing the whole of the rear end to become bound, the wheels wouldn’t even turn when we tried to push them, so it was back to the workshop again for more rectification.

Heat 2: Emily lined up in 10th place once again, but with added confidence that the problem had been found, her eyes were firmly set on a much higher finishing position. Some great overtaking and excellent race craft, she managed to finish in 5th place, her lap times still down on her normal lap record pace.

The Grand Final: Lining up in 12th on the grid, Emily was ready for some serious action to redeem her day. By the exit of the first corner it was once again quite clear she didn’t have the pace in the kart, but what was the problem this time? She fought hard, managing to get up to 9th at one stage before then being collected by two drivers having a crash directly in front of her, which she became caught up in, dropping her front bumper in the process. She finished where she started, in 12th on the track, but got demoted to 15th after the 10 second dropped bumper penalty was taken into consideration. Not a good day at all and to add insult to injury, it seems there’s an engine problem causing the lack of power.

Awaiting updated championship table but it’s likely she’s dropped a place or two after this weekend’s disappointing results. On to Buckmore Park July 16th and hoping for some better fortune all round. We know she goes well here too, so she’ll be back at her stunning best.

Emily’s attitude throughout the day was exemplary. Don’t get me wrong, she was less than thrilled by all the problems that occurred, but she soldiered on in a positive fashion all day and never once gave up. It takes far more than just outright speed to be a successful racing driver and Emily has proven time and time again, she is the full package. Congratulations young lady, very impressive indeed.

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