The Truth About The New Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta The current Ford Fiesta, which was first launched in 2008, has long been the best-selling car in the UK.

It is judged the best in its class of superminis, going up against the likes of the Skoda Fabia and the Volkswagen Polo. Now, in 2017, Ford has launched a replacement.

In terms of design, Ford hasn’t deviated much from the current design, which has proven so popular. There are a few changes so you know the difference, but overall the front design is close to the same.

However, everything else is brand new. The original intention was to just upgrade to the current model that was developed brand new eight years ago. But according to Ford, one change led to another and now they have a brand new supermini. However, in terms of difference, the only way this car has gone is up.

What engines are on offer under the new Fiesta’s bonnet?

Ford Fiestas offer engines for just about everyone in their flagship supermini. There is a reason the Ford Fiesta has been the UK’s most popular car for years. It is the variety of engines offered. We will cover just three engines: the cheapest, the greenest and the fastest.

The 1.25 Style model comes with a four-cylinder 1.25-litre petrol engine, producing 60 bhp. With that power, you can reach the top speed of 94 mph and accelerate from 0-60 mph in 16.9 seconds. It also delivers a combined fuel economy of 54.3 mpg.

For the greenest Fiesta, we jump over to the diesel engines. The 1.5 TDCi Style offers a four-cylinder 1.5-litre diesel engine, producing 85 bhp. This model has a top speed of 108 mph and accelerates to 60 mph in 12.5 seconds. More importantly, it has a combined fuel economy of 88.3 mpg. For those of you who drive mostly in the city or town, the urban fuel economy for this car is 81 mpg and for those who take to the motorway, the extra-urban fuel economy is 94 mpg.

The fastest new Ford Fiesta is the 1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line. This model has a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. It develops 140 bhp, with a top speed of 106 bhp. It sprints from 0-60 mph in 9 seconds flat. It does also have a combined fuel economy of 62.8 mpg.

These are just three of the many varieties of engines offered with the 2017 Ford Fiesta.

How has the interior changed?

Coming to the end of its life, the current model’s interior has become out of date in comparison to its rivals. The new Ford Fiesta has solved that issue with a major upgrade. The car itself has grown in size. It is 71mm longer and 13mm wider.

The interior has been modernised. Instead of having a 3-4 inch infotainment screen, it now has an eight-inch Ford Sync3 touchscreen, dominating the centre console. It offers you digital control of your media, navigation and communication. It works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Applink, so you can connect any smartphone to it. This catches it up with the rest of its rivals. Gone is the cluttered collection of buttons and dials with a far nicer design. Also, a CD player is now optional rather than standard.

Thanks to it being a little longer and wider, both front and back passengers get plenty of comfortable room. The seats also hold you tight in the corners and are comfortable for long journeys. The driver’s position is adjustable to ensure you get the best position for you.

It drives brilliantly

The current Fiesta is complimented for how well it drives. The new one drives better. Ford has focused on retaining the fun that the current model has in the new model. You can throw it into a corner with ease without being worried about losing control. The steering is pointy and quick, ensuring you can do what you like with it and the car will respond.

The ride quality in this car is immense. You will be in constant comfort and will barely feel the holes and bumps on the road. In terms of safety, the car hasn’t been through the Euro NCAP yet, however it has 15 driver assistance systems, ensuring it is likely to receive a five-star rating.

When this car is launched in the coming months, you will not be disappointed. It is fantastic. Hippo Leasing offers great car lease deals on the Ford Fiesta and if you are interested in it, enquire with them. Their dedicated team will find you the best deal available for car leasing.

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