Through the drivers eyes – Jamie-Lea Hawleys Snetterton story

Track action

Track action Before going out on the track I went through the data with my team boss to get an idea of where the track goes.

With Snetterton being a large and quite technical track, I knew that It wouldn’t be easy but I was ready. The first session I learnt the track and started to increase my speed. I found out where I could push the car and where I needed to be patient. When I came in I looked through the data and found the places which needed improvement. My second session I knocked off a huge amount of time from practice session one. I had a great start to the weekend and couldn’t wait until Saturday.


The first practice session I struggled with getting the good times and lost a lot of time to Friday. I didn’t quite know what was wrong but I stayed positive. I had one practice session left I knew that this would be the one last chance before qualifying. As I went out on track due to an incident, the practice session was stopped. This made it a little harder for me to go out for qualifying.


As I went out the weather was very unpredictable. I was told I needed to be Smooth lap one and put a quick lap in on lap two. I went out and set my quickest lap on lap two. The rain held off but due to the lack of experience I didn’t let my tyres cool down to allow another lap resulting in me qualifying position nine on the grid. Although this was my highest qualifying so far, I knew I could have put a quicker time in which gave me great confidence for race one.


Race one
I couldn’t wait to get out for race one. When I lined up on the grid I was so excited. I had a good start and maintained my position. A couple laps in I had Opportunity to pass to move into eighth. I took my chances and went down the inside of the car. Unfortunately, it did not pay off as the other car turned, unaware of me being there and we both came off. This dropped me last. I got back on the track and chased down the cars in front. I made a few passes and was enjoying being in the car. Unfortunately, I lost all my gears and nursed the car back to the pits dropping me to last. At this point I needed to get back out for the points and with the help of the team they managed to get me back out on track. At this Point I just wanted to finish the race. I saw the chequered flag and finished twelfth.

Unfortunately I received a five-place penalty for the next race and three points on my license. We believed I had enough room for the move and we were unhappy with the decision made. We appealed the decision but it was time for me to get back into the car for my next race.

Race two

I set off to the assembly area where I lined up last on the grid. The weather turns and a heavy downpour came down. A quick change the wet tyres was made and a few words before I went out. I was so excited to race the car in the wet for the first time. I knew it would be a challenge but I couldn’t go any further back. I had a great start and maintain my position. I took a few cars and got myself up to ninth. I was enjoying driving in the wet. I went to take another car around the outside and unfortunately got hit in the rear quarter and the car went spinning narrowly missing the barrier. I got back on the track and this made me even more determined. I was determined to make the places back up. In no time at all I had made a few passes and gained a couple of positions. I saw the cars in front and chased them down. with great consistent pace, I made my way through to tenth. After the race I had to rush over and speak to the MSA officials. I explained what happened from the previous race and about the penalty I recieved. Thankfully the penalty was quashed. I felt that even though the results didn’t quite show the pace I had I drove the car the best I have ever drove up to date.

I would like to thank specialized motorsport for the amazing car as always. Simon Horrobin for all the help over the weekend and keeping me positive. Neil for the help and support. All my team mates got the huge amount of encouragement and Brian for allowing me to be there and supporting me whilst keeping me fed with chips
I can’t wait to be back at Silverstone and show how much I have progressed since my previous visit.By Jamie-Lea Hawley

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