Top self-parking cars that make a difference

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Technology has come a long way, and there are many features available on a modern vehicle to prove it.

One of the areas of driving that has gained the most out of technology growth is parking. With today’s helping tech, even the clumsiest of parkers can nail a parallel parking drill. Moreover, cities are pitching in as well, by implementing modern, advanced car parking systems for car lots and whatnot. The best thing to pair with an advanced car parking system is no doubt the self-parking ability. In recent years, many cars with this ability have been released, and today we take a look at some of the very best.

Ford Focus 2016
We start off with a model that isn’t necessarily situated in the upper echelon of luxury vehicles. It is one of the most affordable models with precise and efficient auto-parking, and so far it has proved to be a winning combination for many people looking for a good car at a reasonable price. Different variations of Focus will cost buyers between an extra £300 and £500 when it comes to adding the bonus Active Park Assist feature, but it remains one of the most affordable solutions.

Tesla Model S
You would expect a car that can drive it also to park it. Your guess would be correct, as the 2016 Tesla Model S is a fine example of how modern technology can be used to provide drivers with astonishing

driving and parking support.  When it comes strictly to auto parking, however, Model S is a very reliable solution that will immediately wow its driver.

2016 Lincoln MKS
The 2016 Lincoln MKS is a pretty lengthy vehicle. The sedan measures more than 205 inches which can be a real problem for drivers that aren’t that experienced with parallel parking for instance. Luckily, the car also features a sonar-based navigation tool which helps the driver park the car. Assisted by the car’s technology, drivers can easily park in even the toughest of spots. The feature that allows the car to take over steering and provide real-time pointers for breaks and gas is called Active Park Assist.

Chrysler 200
Going back to 2016, we have the Chrysler 200, a vehicle that has managed to remain out of the spotlight for the most part. That is mainly because car buyers have other options when it comes to medium sedans. That doesn’t mean however that it’s not a worthwhile choice and that people aren’t happy with their Chrysler 200 purchases.  Those who spring for the 200C model can get the extra parking feature. This will give owners access to parallel parking and perpendicular parking (automatic, of course), but also a slew of other enhancing features like cruise control and brake assist.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class
This 2017 vehicle is a worthy competitor for one of the brand’s other successful lines, the S-Class. The “auto-park” feature that allows this model to handle parking duties is simply called the E-Class Parking Pilot, and it provides invaluable help. This model also benefits from having the auto-park feature take over the breaks and even shifting, making it extremely easy to lay back and enjoy being parked by your car.



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