The Three best driving test cancellation checkers

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Ford Fiesta The greatest bugbear for learner drivers is the wait for their practical test. Fortunately, the DVSA recognised that the demand for driving tests often outstrips the number of appointments available.

The consequence to this is that it is now possible to cancel a driving test appointment making it available for someone else to use.

Driving test cancellations are managed electronically and availability can change within minutes. Although the average learner driver could spend all day sitting at their PC to check for cancellations themselves, it is a lot more effective and time efficient to use a service to do this.

Cancellations services are available in different shapes and forms. If they operate electronically as most modern services do, then they will either operate from a website which send email and text notifications or from a mobile device app that will send app notifications and text messages.

While they may all operate slightly differently, the objective is much the same. To get a new test booked as early as possible.

1. Speedytests
Perhaps the best driving test cancellation service for several reasons. Apart from the fact that their software renews the cancellation check every five minutes, they will also refund your fee if they fail. This is one of those no quibble services, either you get what it says on the box or your money back and even the refunds are automated so there’s no having to justify things with anyone.

How it works
You sign up to Speedytests on their website and choose a package. What’s great is that their software searches 24/7 so if you’re a night shift worker or work other odd hours, you also have a chance of grabbing a cancellation, while the rest of the world is sleeping.

They charge a once off fee with no additional costs. This means no subscriptions or extra billing. You can also specify the time and date frame that you’re looking for a cancellation. The good thing about Speedytests is that they offer Autobook. Autobook is a service where if you are desperate for a test to come forward, they will change your test date within the time framework that you have given them and then notify you of the booking.

The standard procedure is to send you a text and provided you reply within a certain time frame they will book the test for you once you have replied in the affirmative.

The bonus that Speedy Tests have in their service, is that they will monitor up to three testing centres for you. This is extremely useful both for learner drivers and driving schools where there is a high-volume turnover in a busy urban area.

Money back guarantee
Very occasionally cancellations do not come up in the time frame that the customer has requested. Speedytests are great with their “No Win, No Fee” approach meaning they don’t get you a cancellation you don’t have to pay and can get a refund.

2. Driving Test Cancellations
Driving test cancellations is a purely app based service. It is available on Android and Apple and can be downloaded at no cost. In a similar way that Speedytests operates it also searches the testing centre you requested for cancellations and sends a notification asking whether you wish to book the cancellation or not. Because it’s a downloaded app, the service already picks up your contact details from the phone, so you don’t have to fill any forms. This approach works both for and against the service. While the Service is convenient it cannot be accessed on all devices. This means if you use a windows phone or prefer to use a laptop or desktop connection, you won’t be able to use it.

App or Browser?
The App is well structured and does what is says on the box, but it’s structure may lead the user to believe the service is free. It’s not. Downloading the App is free and incurs no cost. There is a single fee for the service. While they do not have additional fees or subscription costs

The App checks the cancellations every ten minutes at Premium level and every 20 at basic level. This means that it still does the job well enough for most people but only works half as efficiently as the system at Speedytests who made the number one slot. There is also no indication that a refund will be made if you are unsuccessful in obtaining that earlier booking.

3. Cancellation Checker
Cancellation Checker is also a browser based service and so can be accessed from any device. You can use this service whether you have a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. It also doesn’t involve any downloads

Price and refunds
The difference between cancellation checker and the top two in this list is the price. Driving test Cancellations has a limited number of downloads daily so you may have trouble downloading the App, registering and getting started. This does not happen with browser based checking services.

Cancellation checker emulates the top provider in many ways, but also fails to offer refunds if the customer doesn’t get their test within the specified period. Essentially, they charge more for the same service and don’t offer a refund if the customer is unsuccessful.
The advantage that they offer is a free trial which lasts for seven days, however once that time is up, expect to pay more for the service than you would elsewhere.

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