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Custom carYou don’t have to have great marketing strategies to showcase your auto repair business. There are multiple ways you can boost your impact and remain viable in the auto industry. Let’s look at some suggested strategies from auto shops in Salisbury MD that you can use to reinforce your visibility in the auto world.

In-Store Digital Signage
Treat every customer who visits your auto store as someone who can promote your business. Why not use digital signage, an attractive promotional to engage your customers? There’s no need to rely on flyers and posters that customers usually pay scant attention to. With digital screens you can deliver lively video ads, tailor your television programming in your waiting area, quick update of information thereby using your programming as a quiet but constant sales rep.

Social Media Advertising

Encourage Engagement on Social Media
It is not really necessary to utilize every social media platform to mobilize your customers. By creating a profile on Facebook, for example, you can post updated information at all times. Add content that is related to motor vehicles but not only about auto repair. Include information on:

• Safety tips for drivers
• Traffic news
• Advice on car maintenance
• Customer satisfaction reports
• Local events information
• Incentives for likes and shares
• Backing for community events

Use Social Check-In’s and Mentions as customer rewards

Any encouraging mention on social media about your brand is excellent for business. These are free promotional strategies that will take your auto repair in face of your targeted audience. Persuade your customers to refer to your auto repair shop and check-in via social platforms throughout their visits. Offer incentives such as contest entries or check-in offers to clients to talk about your store while they’re on social media. See additional info here

Use Social Media for social listening
Social media is not only for sharing it’s also a platform for listening to what other persons are saying. So, why not track online conversations to find out the needs of customers and also how they are thinking? Social listening engagement will help you identify the problems customers are having. This will help you to resolve their problems and address their concerns. Look out for the following while you’re engaged in social listening:

• Comments about your business
• Comments about competitors
• Comments relating to your products, services and industry

Customer Reviews
Online reviews have become a prominent player in the market. You can encourage your customers to write reviews about your auto repair business. As these reviews are posted, they will build trust in your customers thereby generating new customers for your brand. Establish a system that encourages previous customers to share their reviews on review sites, feedback cards or even video testimonials. Once you have these, post them on social media platforms where every customer including previous and present ones can read about your auto repair shop.

Before and After Photos
Photos have a way of grabbing people’s attention. Using before and after photos is a great way to share content and bolster your image. Pump up the value of your auto repair company by posting your photos on Instagram. You can also have these photos on your website and in printed brochures.

Community Advertising

Host Events
Host events are great auto repairs marketing approaches that will pull customers into your store. You can host information sessions, open houses, and car maintenance seminars. These will not only bring new persons to your automobile repairs shop but it’s also a great way to build lasting customer relationships.

Local involvement
Don’t be afraid to get involved in local events. When you support community initiatives, you are building your customer base. Community involvement can be:

• Funding local community events
• Working with local charitable organizations
• Creating partnership with other businesses in your area.
Partnership with Non-competitor Local Businesses

Exchange promotional materials with your business associates so you can enlarge your customer range. In addition, you can go to social media with this partnership and offer shared competitions and ask persons to follow each account and tag a friend. Provide an incentive in terms of product or a service from both partnership business.

Every business needs a marketing strategy that will encourage and build a dominant customer base. Whatever strategies you decide to use bear in mind that customer feedback must be included. Satisfied customers lead to more customers. Customer reviews are a necessary component to effective marketing strategies. Its one of the main instruments that potential customers used to make a decision when they need to purchase goods and services.

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