How to Repair Hail Damage on Your Car


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Hail can damage your used car’s body by denting it. If the dents are shallow and minor in nature, they can be repaired by DIY techniques, which are discussed below:

Using Dry Ice
You can fix the dents caused by hail damage on your car by using dry ice. You should apply the dry ice on areas on your car’s body from where you want to remove the dents. The dry ice application will result in a sharp change in temperature on your car’s body which will cause the dents to even out. You should be careful while using dry ice and wear protective gloves while applying it on the car’s body as it can damage your skin otherwise.

Park Your Car in a Sunny Place
One of the easiest ways of repairing hail damage on your car is to leave it parked in a sunny place. When your car is left exposed to the sunlight for a long time, it will cause the metal to heat and expand. Once the metal expands, the shallow and minor dents on your car’s body will pop out. the key is to leave your car parked in the sunlight for a considerable amount of time. the longer it is exposed to the sunlight, the chances of this technique working will increase. This is a popular DIY technique with more car owners for restoring hail damage on their car as it does not cost anything.

Using Hot Air
Another popular DIY technique for repairing hail damage on cars is to use hot air over the dents. This will expedite the heating of your car’s body, causing the metal to expand quickly. You can use a hairdryer to blow hot air over the dents for heating the car’s body. Ideally, you should maintain 2-4 inches between the hairdryer and car’s body when using this technique. The hair dryer should be aimed over where you want to fix the dents. If you observe discoloration or fading of the car’s paint while using hair dryer, you should immediately stop using the hairdryer.

Using a Dent Repair Kit
You can consider buying a dent repair kit for repairing small dents on your car. These dent repair kits are easily available at most auto supply stores and are affordable too. A typical dent repair kit will include a knockdown tool, glue gun, dent puller, etc. These kits are perfect for removing small dents caused by hail damage and will save you significant money on professional dent repair services. However, you should be mindful to use the dent repair kit for only minor dents and take your car to professionals for repairing deep and large dents.

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