Weekly Motoring news Roundup March 12th

Hyundai KONA N

Hyundai KONA NAs we come to the end of another week  we look at some of the motoring news which you may have missed starting with Hyundai who have revealed the first glimpse of the all-new KONA N

Hyundai Motor has revealed a glimpse of the all-new KONA N without its camouflage disguise. In a series of teaser images, fans and enthusiasts can enjoy a first look at the latest member of the brand’s high-performance N range.

The all-new KONA N will be the latest addition to the Hyundai N brand line-up, and the first N model with an SUV body type.

As the first images reveal, the ‘hot SUV’ boasts a sporty appearance, further emphasised by its wide, low stance. For the very first time, the Hyundai N division and Hyundai Design Centre worked together to develop an SUV body type, creating a product that clearly represents a powerful presence and driving fun. The all-new KONA N combines the modern design of the recently launched new KONA with the bold and dynamic language of the company’s N models.

Hyundai KONA NThe front view is dominated by large, sporty and iconic air intakes, and the new light signature gives Hyundai’s latest high-performance model an aggressive, powerful appearance. The lower grille defines the character of the bumper fascia: its shape is inspired by an aeronautic fuselage and extends to the side of the car, emphasising its aerodynamic efficiency and speed. An N logo on the unique upper grille completes the look.

At the rear, a large double-wing roof spoiler for enhanced downforce gives spice to the rear view. It also incorporates a third, triangular brake light, as is customary with N models. Large N dual exhaust mufflers fully express the model’s high-performance spirit. Lower down on the rear bumper, a large diffuser enhances the airflow departure. The sporty appearance is further emphasised through body-coloured fenders, bringing KONA N visually closer to the ground.

The all-new KONA N is equipped with the eye-catching features reserved for N models, such as exclusive alloy wheels and red accents that embellish the side sills.

The all-new KONA N will be the latest addition to the Hyundai N family, Hyundai’s high-performance, motorsport-inspired line-up. It will also expand the successful Hyundai SUV family in Europe.

More information will be revealed soon.

Debut of the all-new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer in the United States

Debut of the all-new Wagoneer and Grand WagoneerRevealed yesterday, the all-new 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer return as a premium extension of the Jeep® brand, marking the rebirth of an American icon while continuing their legacy as the first modern SUVs. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer build on a rich heritage of premium American craftsmanship, heritage and refinement while offering a new level of comfort, legendary 4×4 capability and customer service.


Nissan unveils the colours designed for the new electric age with Ariya’s paint palette

Marking the rise of a new dawn in Nissan electric vehicle design, Nissan unveils a rich palette of ten exterior colours for Ariya, inspired by its powerful spirit of innovation and the thrill of the future.

Nissan AriyaDriven by the desire to bring the worlds of electric mobility and design together with a spark, the diverse hues reflect the technological feel of Ariya’s futuristic, electrified design.

The vivid paint palette defines the visual identity for Ariya, inspired by the next-level electric powertrain, state-of-the-art connectivity and advanced driving assistance features.

With four monotone and six two-tone options, the paint portfolio was crafted to elevate Ariya’s premium look and feel. Best of all, these stunning hues are applied by a highly advanced, environmentally sustainable paint production technology that reduces carbon dioxide output by 25% – substantially reducing the environmental impact of this zero-emissions vehicle.

The new Ariya gave the expert colour design teams an opportunity to craft an all-new identity for Nissan electric mobility.

The design team has sought to represent the essence of Ariya’s power, technology and sense of serenity with two unprecedented colours. Named Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green, these captivating paints were developed especially for the all-electric coupé crossover.

“The ingenuity the Nissan Ariya represents inspired us to adopt an entirely new mindset for colour design,” said Lesley Busby, Colour Manager at Nissan Design Europe.

“Ariya is the culmination of Nissan’s electric mobility expertise and a strong statement of intent for the future of EV design. We therefore worked hard to introduce a truly futuristic and technology-driven design language for the colours, analysing them in detail to create the perfect match for Ariya’s innovative personality,” Lesley Busby continued.

Inspired by the Japanese phrase for ‘dawn’, Akatsuki Copper’s striking appearance mimics the brilliance of a sunrise, reflecting the beginning of Nissan’s new brand identity. Its metallic sparkle is enhanced to evoke the conductivity of copper wires, honouring the model’s advanced EV technology.

Aurora Green takes its name from the beautiful ‘Northern Lights’ phenomenon, aurora borealis, commonly seen in the arctic. A sophisticated blend of different tones means the colour may appear green or purple depending on the angle that it is viewed, creating a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Continuing in this spirit of innovation, Ariya introduces an all-new level of detail and depth to customer-favourite colours, created with state-of-the-art paint production techniques.

At the heart of Pearl Black is an all-new pigment, developed to elevate the depth of the paint and to create a rich, captivating appearance.

Highly advanced production techniques were employed to achieve a complex, clean and crisp composition with Pearl White, which offers more brilliance and clarity than ever before on a Nissan vehicle. The two-tone appearance is complete with a contrasting rich black roof, using the all-new pigment to achieve an unprecedented level of depth. 

New Jeep Renegade 4xe will send you a text if your car has been stolen

The new Jeep Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid can send a text to alert owners if thieves are trying to break into their car.

Jeep Renegade 4xeMy Theft Assistance has recently launched in the UK as part of My Uconnect services, available across the MY20 Renegade range. It can provide owners and prospective buyers with added peace of mind given the rise of car thefts in 20201.

Should the Renegade 4xe detect that someone is trying to break into the car, tow it without authorisation or disconnect the battery, the owner will be made aware thanks to an instant ‘Theft Alarm Notification’ via text.

Customers also have the option to receive an email, a push notification in the My Uconnect mobile app or phone call depending on what options they have chosen in the settings.

If thieves do successfully steal the car, owners can request immediate assistance through the My Uconnect mobile app, the connected vehicle platform available to all Jeep customers.

Once the theft is confirmed through the Uconnect contact centre and a police report, a number of additional safety technologies are activated through the app. Much like the ‘Find My Phone’ feature available on most smartphones, a vehicle tracking function will be triggered and the vehicle’s ignition locked.

Damien Dally, country manager Jeep UK said: ‘The increase in car thefts across the UK is cause for concern and an experience that owners will be looking to avoid at all costs. The innovative theft assistance technology will undoubtedly give Jeep owners, and future buyers, peace of mind that their car and possessions are in the safest possible hands.”

Owners can benefit from the next generation of connected services and the latest security features that Jeep has to offer by downloading the free My Uconnect mobile app – available on Apple and Android devices. Alternatively, the connected services can be accessed from within the cabin or via the dedicated My Uconnect web portal.

Pedal or push – extraordinary journeys start young with Bentley Trikes

Parents are often left wondering why their most practical baby accessories can’t be stylish too. The answer comes in the form of the Bentley Trike, which combines elegance with functionality through a highly adaptable design that transforms throughout a child’s early years. Bentley design elements render the product unique and exciting, both to fans of the brand and those looking for something unique. Favourite exterior paint colours from the real Bentley Motors palette can be chosen, so you can match your car to your trike. Little ones and parents alike will be excited both for the big adventures, as well as for their regular walks and school-runs.

Bentley TrikeBabies from 12 months and up can sit in parent-controlled mode with the seat switching from rear to forward facing at a touch of a button. As an infant continues to grow, footrests can be adjusted and eventually removed to make space for use of the pedals. Once toddlers can pedal by themselves, the push-bar can be discarded to allow freedom, while safety guards remain in place. Older toddlers can give pedalling a go without back support and harness, allowing their confidence to grow and grow in tricycle mode.

A luxurious aesthetic option for parents looking to keep their child safe and comfortable, while giving them room to learn over the course of their early years. The available trike colours mimic genuine paint colours from the array of exterior paint options available to customers of Bentley cars.

RRP £395 

Bespoke Bentaygas – New options via Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide

Bentley Mulliner now offers its unique set of personal commissioning options across the entire Bentley model range, with the addition of the new Bentayga to Mulliner’s Personal Commissioning Guide. An extensive list of options for both interior and exterior means that customers are able to specify a configuration that is truly individual and suited to their personality, going even further than the billions of ways a Bentley can be commissioned using the “standard” options.

Bespoke Bentaygas – New options via Mulliner Personal Commissioning GuideThe Personal Commissioning Guide offers a unique mix of traditional and contemporary options that will appeal to Bentley’s diverse and extraordinary clients. Depending on the individual’s personal preference, each car can take on a new aesthetic while ensuring style and performance are never compromised.

Customers can choose bespoke hide colours, painted veneers, personalised interior stitching and tweed trimmed door inserts to name but a few of the unique offerings from Bentley Mulliner that can be used to enhance the unique look and feel of their Bentley.

Using the Mulliner Visualiser in conjunction with their local retailer, customers are able to design their personal options virtually. Each retailer is experienced in choosing specifications for each model and are able to advise which options will be complementary and complete the look of the car.

Four out of 10 UK households have used their cars as a place to work, relax or watch TV during lockdown

Four out of 10 households in the UK have used their car as an additional space to work, place to relax or even to catch up on TV shows during the pandemic, according to new research by PEUGEOT UK. The findings come after the Government announced a roadmap to easing lockdown, with all restrictions potentially removed as soon as 21st June.

Four out of 10 UK households have used their cars as a place to work, relax or watch TV during lockdownThe study of 2,000 drivers by PEUGEOT UK found 41% of households with four or more people said they had started to use their car for other purposes than driving during Covid-19 lockdowns. With home schooling and remote working now the new normal for many, cars have taken up a new purpose, ranging from providing a relaxing refuge to acting as a remote office space.

When asked which activities drivers had turned to in their cars, more than half said finding a quiet place to relax away from others, while for 47% their car became a place to catch up on TV shows, and 43% used their cars as a place to read books. A third of respondents said they have used their car as a remote office for work.

With 58% of respondents struggling to find time for themselves during lockdown, the car has become a place of peace and quiet, according to the research.

PEUGEOT UK also found 37% of households said they would be more likely to use their car in this way if they owned a zero emissions-capable vehicle, that did not emit fumes when turned on, allowing them to keep warm or stay cool without idling an engine. 

Interior sketch offers first preview of the ŠKODA Kushaq

ŠKODA provides a first glimpse of the new Kushaq’s interior in an official design sketch. As with other models from the Czech car manufacturer, the spacious interior typical of the brand features a large, free-standing infotainment display. The ŠKODA Kushaq will be officially launched later this month and is the first of four models from the ŠKODA and Volkswagen brands as part of the INDIA 2.0 product campaign. The vehicles are manufactured locally in India and are based on the MQB-A0-IN version of the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Transverse Toolkit specially adapted for India by ŠKODA AUTO.

Interior sketch offers first preview of the ŠKODA KushaqThe central element in the interior of the new ŠKODA Kushaq is a free-standing infotainment display with a screen diagonal of up to 10 inches. The interior design sketch also clearly shows the character line running beneath it, echoing the symmetrical contours of the ŠKODA grille. The dimensions of the Kushaq correspond to those of a mid-size vehicle. At the same time, the new SUV model for the Indian market offers generous space as well as numerous storage options and ŠKODA’s signature Simply Clever details.

The ŠKODA Kushaq and the other volume models in the INDIA 2.0 project are based on the locally developed and produced MQB-A0-IN platform. ŠKODA AUTO has adapted this version of the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Transverse Toolkit specifically for the Indian market; it already meets the new, stricter safety and emission requirements in India. The technical development is being carried out at ŠKODA AUTO’s Technology Centre in Pune with a planned 95 per cent localisation level for the new vehicles.

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